What is Yammer?

Yammer is a private social network for organizations and is built around open communication. For example, you can use it to efficiently resolve support issues, gather feedback on projects and documents, and spread best practices.

What else should I know?

You will need a Yammer account to use this integration. Please contact your truDigital sales representative or email us at info@trudigital.com to learn more.

Step 1: Select the Yammer Integration from you template library and click “Install”.


Step 2: Once in the “My Templates” area, select the Yammer Integration and click “Edit”.


Step 3: Click the “Edit Template” button towards the top of the screen.


Step 4: Click the “Edit Mode Active” bar towards the top of the screen.


Step 5: Sign into your Yammer account and click “Save”.


Step 6: Click “Save Changes”.


Step 7: Then click “Back”, include the template in your playlist, and enjoy your Yammer Integration!