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Display your Apple iWork Pages document with truDigital.


Import your pages file directly into our platform. Automatically creates slideshow when using multiple pages. Adjust and set the duration between each page.


Express yourself both verbally and visually. But always artistically. Choose fonts, styles, and character and line spacing. Drop in a photo. Then resize it, rotate it, and remove the background. Maybe even add an interactive chart. And use the new Split View feature in OS X El Capitan to quickly drag in a logo from your graphic design app. Pages is a full‑featured word processor that helps you turn every document into a must‑read.


From the word go, Pages places you in the perfect writing environment. It puts all the right tools in all the right places. Which makes it second nature to choose a look and customize the fonts, styles, and graphics. Since Pages is engineered for the 64‑bit power of OS X El Capitan, everything happens at the speed of thought, too.


Insert citations with EndNote or math equations with MathType. Check the word count. Track changes through rounds of revisions. Doing it all is remarkably simple. Even though the features are anything but basic.

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