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With truDigital, custom content is at your fingertips. When you request custom content, we guarantee that you won’t find it anywhere else. Collaborate with our designers to create something that works perfectly for your business, and your business only.


Custom Content at Every Corner

At truDigital, we believe that digital signage can be a cornerstone to good and effective communication. That’s why we provide custom content for every corner of your business.

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Leverage World-Class Design Expertise

The great thing about building custom content with truDigital’s graphic designers, is that you won’t be constrained by apps or ideas. Creating your own templates allow you to transform digital signage into what you want it to be.

Best of all, creating custom content with truDigital is easy. Contact your truDigital account manager, and they’ll connect you with one of our graphic designers to create the perfect digital signage template for your business.


Happy Customers

Amir A.

"The apps and different plug ins are very nice. The weather and news are big proponents. The Google Reviews are amazing because some customers recognize their names."

Tom C.

"Really enjoy the ability to update and add digital media to all of our locations at one time. The software is great but the service really makes using the devices a breeze. "

The Salvation Army

“Going with a truDigital system has been a huge upgrade over the signage player we had been using.”


Frequently Ask Questions

How does it work?

truDigital provides a small piece of hardware called a digital sign player, which connects to the back of your screen with HDMI. You’ll connect that digital sign player to the internet (either over ethernet, or WiFi). Once that digital sign player is set up, you can log into our cloud-based software online to make updates from anywhere you happen to be.

Do I need a special TV?

Nope! truDigital will work with any screen as long as it has an HDMI input and a regular 16:9 aspect ratio. Almost any flat-screen TV or monitor will work!

What types of content can I display with truDigital?

We provide over 200 customizable template designs to help you get started, as well as integrations with social media feeds, weather, calendars, Google suite products, Yammer, Slack, and more. You can also upload your own content, such as images, videos, PDFs, Powerpoints, etc.

Is the software cloud-based?

Yes! You can access the truDigital software using a web browser. Google Chrome is recommended.

Can multiple people log in and manage it?

Yes! Additional user credentials can be created at no additional cost, and user permissions are customizable. truDigital's Slipstream feature also makes it easy to manage multiple screens at once.

How much does it cost?

All of our pricing is public here. To get a custom quote, call 801-852-9898, Option 1.

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