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When you’re in an industry dedicated to wellness, increasing communication is imperative to building trust and connections. With a history of fitness establishments being too pushy, it’s important to find a good balance between communicating effectively, and not being overbearing.
truDigital is the perfect solution for this.

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truDigital Does the Heavy Lifting For You.

Placing various digital signage players around your gym or fitness studio is a great way to keep your members up to date. You can display class schedules, personal trainer availability, and even safety reminders to keep everyone in the loop. All of this (and more!) can be created with ease by our in-house graphic designers.

Why truDigital

Easy, Endless Customization

The easiest-to-use, yet most powerful digital signage platform on the market, truDigital helps you create your vision. Start from one of our hundreds of professionally design templates and customize your content to fit your brand and your audience. A Complete suite of scheduling, organizational, and design tools make managing dozens of playlists simple.

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Happy Customers

Tom C.

"Really enjoy the ability to update and add digital media to all of our locations at one time. The software is great but the service really makes using the devices a breeze. "

Dan V.

"Everything is pretty intuitive - and once you get some templates set up, it's easy to create new and varied content. "

Amir A.

"The apps and different plug ins are very nice. The weather and news are big proponents. The Google Reviews are amazing because some customers recognize their names."

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