6 Vital Questions to Answer to Create Constantly Effective Digital Signage

How to use digital signage to keep in touch with both an internal or external audiences.

Increasingly, businesses and organizations are appreciating the effectiveness of agile digital signage for keeping in touch with both an internal or external audience. To achieve the best results, we’ve identified six key questions to consider…

1. What is the key purpose?

There are many different objectives that digital signage can achieve. Knowing the ‘why’ leads naturally to an analysis of ‘where’ and ‘how’. Among the many ‘why’ possibilities are wayfinding or information screens, the delivery of key health and safety information, offer promotion, product highlighting, or service delivery updates. Establishing specific reasons for using agile digital signage is a key starting point.

2. What is the most effective approach?

Following on from the previous point, our experienced truDigital signage team know that deciding on the required impact, mood, and style of the content is another key to ongoing success. A useful question to ask is this: how do we wish the audience to react and respond to the content? They might be pleased that helpful details have been provided, enthused or amused by promotions, or made increasingly aware of important information regarding their health or well-being.

3. Where should digital signage screens be located?

The physical placement of screens needs careful planning. Key considerations include the distance from which they will generally be viewed and the relevance of any message to its specific location (such as wayfinding screens or updated performance against targets information on a production line). Add to this consideration of how the audience will be behaving – from a quick glance as they walk across a busy concourse to a more captive audience sitting in a doctor’s waiting room. Understanding these factors, plus key installation needs, such as cabling, screen mounting requirements, or location modifications, will help deliver more effective content.

4. What evidence might you gather?

This can be a useful moment in the process to carry out some investigation. Assess how other organizations (perhaps including, but not limited to, your competitors) have made use of digital signage, in terms of the points already covered. Discover methods they have used to gain attention, hold interest, and deliver the required information. You should seek out both successes and consider actions that didn't succeed – and analyze the reasons for each outcome.

5. How might you craft your content?

Perhaps the key benefit of using an agile, cloud-based content creation and delivery system, is in its flexibility; whether for a single location, or a state or nationwide operation. More traditional information methods, such as printed posters, signs, and notice board postings, are often still in place long after they have outlived their usefulness. Digital signage content can deliver to-the-minute information, offer short-term campaigns, and provide perfect flexibility for testing, amending and updating ideas.

6. How can you ensure ongoing effectiveness?

An outburst of initial enthusiasm for any new project is a given. Often, though, this can diminish over time, the process taken for granted. An ongoing commitment to digital signage is vital, making sure it is regularly refreshed and always relevant. Many organizations appoint digital signage champions to make sure involvement is kept front-of-mind – just like the responses you seek from those viewing the content.

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