Changing Education, One Digital Sign at a Time

Good education is one of the most invaluable tools in the world. But, if your school isn’t functioning properly, things are bound to be lost in translation. Use truDigital to keep parents, students, teachers, and faculty all in the loop.

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Get Communication Across the Goal-Line

Got a book fair coming up? Remind parents by displaying the information on digital signage in the office. Want to remind students of important hallway behavior? Display reminders on digital signage throughout the school hallways. You can even remind teachers of important upcoming events by hanging screens in the breakroom. With digital signage, we can revolutionize the future of education.

Why truDigital

Easy, Endless Customization with our Digital Signage Software

The easiest-to-use, yet most powerful digital signage platform on the market, truDigital helps you create your vision. Start from one of our hundreds of professionally design templates and customize your content to fit your brand and your audience. A Complete suite of scheduling, organizational, and design tools make managing dozens of playlists simple.

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Happy Customers

Amir A.

"The apps and different plug ins are very nice. The weather and news are big proponents. The Google Reviews are amazing because some customers recognize their names."

Smith Power Products

"The software is super user friendly and easy to use.”

Dan V.

"Everything is pretty intuitive - and once you get some templates set up, it's easy to create new and varied content. "

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