How Higher Education Establishments Benefit from Digital Signage

Using digital signage to connect with to today's tech-savvy students

Colleges and further education locations are now populated by tech-savvy, info-tuned students (and staff). One thing that hasn’t changed is the high level of important information needing to be effectively disseminated.

A generation ago, such important information - the life-blood of such establishments - was the domain of often-boring and fading posters or dry-as-dust memos - such copious printed instructions tacked onto over-stuffed noticeboards. Then there would be those tannoy announcements that were notoriously difficult to hear above the general hubbub, or perhaps emails which so often went unread. In terms of how communications have moved on, this can now seem almost Dickensian!

Increasingly, forward-looking educational establishments are tuning into the benefits of digital signage, especially when it's backed-up with a truly agile, cloud-based content delivery process.

Key reasons for taking this digital pathway

+ Print-reduction - obviating the need for many pieces of printed communication, the use of digital signage is seen as both a cost-saving and environmentally conscious behavior

+ Attention-catching - digital signage offers a dynamic, even memorable, focal point when information needs to be noticed. A specific response can be encouraged, or a call to action demanded, by the use of such an active media

The vast majority of today's students have a raft of tech devices in their lives. Our truDigital signage team knows that this is how they expect to receive key communications. Almost three-quarters of colleges are already using digital signage to best meet such expectations.

Making the most of digital signage across higher education facilities

Many college campuses are really small (or not so small) towns. This means there are many different needs to be met through the effective use of digital signage. With a cloud-based content system, such information can be specifically directed and swiftly updated – delivered just where and when it’s needed. Here are some of the many key possibilities:

+ Promotion of specific events, educational or concerts, drama or sporting

+ Details of building closures, cancellations, or venue changes

+ Provision of opening hours information for key offices and facilities

+ Attendance information for upcoming conferences, meetings, or guest speakers

+ Menu and specials boards for cafe or dining locations

+ General wayfinding help for those visiting or still finding their way around the facility

+ Keep emergency procedure details as part of regular information loops

+ Deliver reminders covering specific behaviors when on campus

+ A multi-lingual campus or college can scroll messages using all the key languages

Helping to create an inclusive learning community

Digital signage can share good news and achievements right across a campus. This takes people beyond their individual bubble and helps everyone to feel part of that community, increasing their pride in what they are part of, whether as students or staff.

Content-fluidity for individual or specific banks of screens also means that digital signage screens can quickly be used to scroll key learning points for specific subjects or lectures. This could form a lead into sessions and discussions or act as a valuable reminder afterward.

Is your learning environment digital-signage savvy?

If you would like to discuss how this facility could benefit the environment in your college or across your campus, our truDigital signage team is happy to undertake an obligation-free discussion covering your current situation and future needs. Simply call us here in Sandy, Utah on 1-801-852-9898. If you prefer, you can also contact us using our truDigital Live Chat facility...

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