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Capitalize on the Moment with Digital Signs

The Harvard Business Review revealed that up to 60% of retail purchases are unplanned, so it’s critical for every retailer to engage with customers the moment they walk in the store. With truDigital’s comprehensive digital signage platform, tasks such as promoting in-store sales or highlighting new products are made simple and effective.

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Additional Sales with Digital Communication

truDigital can help drive additional sales in your retail environment. A research study by Nielsen showed that 4 out of 5 product brands experienced significant increases in additional sales (up to 33 percent!) with the use of digital media at the point of sale.

point of sale digital signage promoting last minute purchases

Digital Signage to Raise Recall

Static signs may be cheaper upfront, but their effectiveness and longevity can’t compete with digital signage. Nielsen research found enhanced recall rates and consumer attitudes towards the use of digital signs. Plus, static signs can’t support ad rotation and other strategies such as dayparting.

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Retail Testimonials

Hear what our retail customers have to say.

April D.
Customer Service - Retail

“Love it! Easy to use. Our previous system [with competitor] would only work for 2 or 3 days”

Corenne S.
Admin Assistant - Retail

“Love this service! It barely took any of my time to get it up and running.”

Why truDigital for Retail

We're Better.

Of course you’ll experience unparalleled simplicity with us, but that’s a claim all digital signage companies make. We stand out from other digital signage providers in how we get it done.

With in-depth experience in helping retail businesses succeed, we can guide you through the process to ensure your digital signage is more than just a slideshow.

Unique to Retail
We specialize in helping you create new revenue and effective in-store promotions.
Simple Setup
Built to save time so you can focus on customers.
Made Tough
Our digital sign player is built for retail, not Netflix.
Fastest US-Based Support
We’ll get back to you- right now, not next week.

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