Using Signage to Help Educate a Digital Generation

How effective digital signage delivers for students, staff, and visitors.

Imagine parents were being shown around a school, college, or campus, one that was eager to educate their children. Their guide was soon enthusing about the new set of old-style blackboards they had obtained (at great value, probably because no-one else wanted them) and the number of colored chalks the teachers and pupils could use. How utterly strange this would seem in an age of interactive whiteboards!

Our truDigital team appreciates that this (unlikely) scenario would surely give the impression that this was a place still seeming to educate a past, rather than a future and digital-savvy, generation. Increasingly, educational establishments are looking to digital signage as one of their key communication resources. It's one that's of great value to inform and stimulate students, staff, inspectors, and visitors - but also in presenting a future-looking face to those prospective parents. Let's examine the key aspects of this...

How effective digital signage delivers for students, staff and visitors

As a starting point, those untidy, unwieldy, frustrating to update, and so often-ignored, noticeboards can become a thing of the past with a change to agile signage, so easily and swiftly updated using a cloud-based system.

There is an obvious long-term saving in both paper and printer toner, not to mention other costs (and their environmental impact). Adopting a vibrant digital signage ethos can also save on aspects such as the materials required to promote upcoming school events.

Many university campuses and other educational establishments are also increasingly recognizing the possibilities for gaining revenue by allowing carefully selected and appropriate companies or organizations to promote their goods and services as part of a total digital signage strategy.

As a vibrant information networking system, across what is often a diverse and spread-out physical educational environment, digital signage allows the strategic placement of screens and true flexibility in the swift delivery of relevant and effectively positioned messages.

They can offer simple and concise location advice, especially for unforeseen venue changes or special events, particularly to help newer students and other visitors to find their way around. Equally, they can offer valuable information, from daily menus to those upcoming occasions.

Good news, be it teaching or community awards won, or student achievements gained, could become a regular feature of the development of a positive learning environment - and be quickly apparent to everyone.

How digital signage can impress prospective pupils and their parents

Creating the digital signage content could even become a part of student education and quickly show those key visitors your establishment's progressive face. A key display of successful student work and staff achievement at the greeting point offers a truly powerful first impression. As you then use digital signage to show them around, the impression of a modern tech-savvy organization is further enhanced. The positive forward-looking vibe of the current student population will soon be apparent.

A classy step forward!

Our truDigital signage team, here in Sandy, Utah, knows that the educational sector is one of the fastest-growing new users of agile digital signage, backed by cloud-based content management. If you believe that this could be a vital step forward for your school, college or university, our team are happy to hold a detailed and obligation-free conversation with you about the possibilities. We can be reached on 1-801-852-9898.

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