Six Keys for Making the Most of Your Indoor Digital Signage

How to get your messaging noticed, absorbed and responded to.

Whatever the reason for, and location of, your indoor digital signage, our truDigital team always emphasize that it must be noticed, absorbed and responded to. These are the first three of the six keys mentioned in the title; the others work to effectively achieve them.

The importance of the first three keys

Firstly, a warning. With regards to your indoor digital signage, you will not respond in the same way as a customer will. You know it's there so you will both actively notice it and check it out as you pass. For customers, their attention needs to be grabbed. Secondly, you will already understand the message, thanks to your insider knowledge of, and expertise in, your organization or business. A viewer is often unlikely to share your level of innate understanding. Thirdly, you will appreciate how you’d like them to respond. This can range from reacting to wayfinding information or safety notices, to buying a product or being keen to use the valuable information you provide. It can be taken for granted that the customers or viewers will know what you want them to do; often they do need to be clearly told in the content!

Appreciating the importance of our first trio of keys helps use the others as effectively as possible…

How the next three keys make the first three work!

• Making the most of space and placement

Assessing and understanding exactly the conditions under which your visitors, customers or staff will notice your indoor digital signage has a major effect on where it should be placed. Exposure time might range from a few moments walking past in a crowded lobby or in a moving line for tickets; to a sit-down audience in a medical center waiting room or while enjoying a drink before being seated in a restaurant. Placement should consider sight lines to ensure maximum visibility and ease of viewing; and for as long a time as possible, when your audience is on the move.

• Using digital signage to complement your branding

The way your digital signage is presented should fit with the other successful branding of your business or organization. For consistency, using key brand logos and colors on-screen is a given. However, these might also form part of a complete wall-mounted or kiosk promotional display that truly maximizes your digital screen impact. Appreciating exactly how your brand should be viewed, the responses you wish to gain, and the boost digital signage can provide, brings us to the final key…

• Matching content to audience and location

All of the previously-mentioned points contribute to the delivery of effective messages. Content truly is king, as Bill Gates first told us over three decades ago. Taking the time to understand the groups of people you are reaching out to, and how they are likely to respond, the actions you wish them to take, and the length of time your message is in front of their eyes (and minds) all combine to help deliver a winning content strategy.

The real beauty of digital signage is its agility

Using a cloud-based system, whether for a few screens in one location or a major multi-location operation, content can be specifically targeted and swiftly updated. This helps keep it truly timely and always on point, encouraging those viewing it to become engaged and motivated by what they see being instantly relevant to their situation, location, current needs or interests.

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