Weather Infotainment

Delightful, engaging animations covering weather-related topics.

What are Infotainment Animations?

Infotainment is a useful tool for keeping your audience engaged with your digital signage. Whether in the waiting room, the lobby, or in the breakroom, infotainment can inform and entertain and keep your signage fresh.

truDigital's exclusive library of professionally animated infotainment covers a range of categories that will appeal to your specific audience. Categories include: Art, Automotive, Dental, Health & Wellness, Medical, Education, Entertainment, Food & Nutrition Motivational, Nature, Office Self-Care, Technology, Trivia, and more. With an expansive library of content, you can always keep your digital signage fresh.

Blending the best elements of modern education and entertainment, Infotainment is one of the best culture and engagement tools that is sure to make an impact on your business!

What else should I know?

Infotainment Animations are available as an additional add-on to your truDigital plan. Please contact a truDigital sales representative or email us at to learn more.

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