2 Keys to Digital Signage Engagement

When engaging your audience using digital signage, you should focus on grasping their attention.

When engaging your audience using digital signage, you should focus on grasping their attention. On most occasions, people will be passing through your facility while on their way to other locations. As such, if your digital signage is not attractive enough, they will barely notice it, hence your investment will be in vain. Signage should be made in such a way that it will make the audience slow down and take time to glance at the display. Considering that most people are always in a rush, your content should be structured to last a short duration while including all the essential details. Below are two keys to digital signage engagement.

1. Make the Audience Look

The first step towards ensuring that your display sells is attracting the audience's attention. If passersby and clients don't look at your screens, you will not have engaged them. Ways in which you can engage users include showing them something new, changing the layouts frequently, and using visual hooks.

• Showing Something New

If people pass the same poster every day, they will start ignoring it, and with time, they will not even notice it. This is similar to digital signage - people will be more interested if they get new information every few days.

• Changing the Layouts Frequently

You should consider reshuffling the structure of the content regularly to give it a new look. This way, even though you will not have changed the content itself, this will trick the viewers into believing they are seeing a new display.

• Include Visual Hooks

You can display facts that your audience will care about on your digital signs. This will make them rely on your signage for more information. With time, you can start adding other announcements which promote your products or services. The additional information can include web pages, event schedules, and RSS feeds. As the users view the content, they will also learn more about your offers and products.

2. Make Them Think

Like all forms of advertising, communication will involve passing the right message to the right individual at the right moment. Consistency in communication will work best if you decide to use a single message. You can do this by launching campaigns, thinking long-tail, and delivering on targets.

The advertisements will also lure more of your target audience since people are attracted to different designs, and everyone will read the one that falls within their interests and tastes. When people start seeing your digital signage in multiple locations, they will take the services or the products you are advertising more seriously. This should trigger their desire to engage with you.

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