3 Benefits of Digital Signage for Universities

With a professionally integrated campus-wide digital signage platform, message delivery will be quick and efficient.

Universities and colleges have a responsibility of keeping their faculties and students up to date with any new developments. There is a range of information that schools can share with their different audiences which will consequently improve the relationship between the students and the governing body. With a professionally integrated campus-wide digital signage platform, the message delivery will be quick and efficient.

Through the use of this unified platform, campus administrators can help the visitors with office locator applications and campus maps which significantly eases their campus tour. Also, the system can deliver staff and faculty training, eliminating the need for tutors. The installable features such as town hall address and video on demand ensure that everyone accesses the information they require on a need basis. Below are three benefits of digital signage.

1. Provides a unified approach

In most campuses, the communication outlets comprise of overcrowded bulletin boards, infrequently visited intranet, and disjointed signage networks. A case example is when a civil engineering faculty has a different signage platform from that of an athletics department. This will limit the ability to pass messages across these two departments which pose challenges to both students and the work staff. However, if a campus decides to invest in a single, reliable and campus-wide digital signage, it will streamline the information delivery, easily deploy latest updates, and reduce the cost. In the event of an emergency, these systems will come in handy when it comes to passing urgent instructions and updates across the campus.

2. Immediacy and flexibility

The most robust and reliable digital signage systems are those that can be accessed from anywhere, and that is if they have cloud-based access to the content portal. If the campus has a single digital signage platform, the implementation team will only have to deal with one customer support and service contract channel. This is as opposed to different digital signage systems whereby the team will have to deal with multiple channels. With a single channel, the updates and notifications will be relayed efficiently and timely.

3. Efficiency and cost saving

A unified digital signage system is highly efficient and will cut on cost as opposed to a multi-platform approach. Running a single system will cut on cost since only one implementation team is required but for the multiple approaches, every department will have a separate team.

The digital signage system is beneficial in campuses since it eases and quickens the spread of information. For these system solutions, you should contact truDigital Signage to learn more.

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