6 Rules to Deliver Engaging Content

Is your digital content pulling in more interest and customer engagement or making the audience confused?

Ask yourself, is my digital content pulling in more interest and customer engagement or getting the audience confused and/or uninterested? According to an Intel study, 400% more views than static signage are captured by digital communications. However, digital content are not all created equal as there are varied forms of digital communications and strategies adopted by each digital signage company. At truDigital, we understand the essence of capable content and follow the recent trend and advancement in technologies to the core. Basically, we combine content and context to achieve this and truDigital would stop at nothing to convey the necessary information. The following are some of the general rules to adopt in designing as well as delivering an effective digital communication/signage:

1. Goals

Every digital content strategy is guided by the objectives of the content and the interaction of the content is as well driven by same. This is the first step in designing your digital content to help you maintain the flow of the communications as it were.

2. Audience

The audience is another important stakeholder in the digital signage design. Determining the targeted audience is germane to the success of this purpose. As much as possible, the content should be applicable to the audience which it targets, lest it gets lost. Use the right design layout approach that suits each category of audience.

3.Viewer Attention Span

From research, it takes about eight seconds or less to capture the attention of a viewer and marketers should take cognizance of this. For you to attract the right minds in such a limited time, you have to ensure your message and just the important one is conveyed in a way that every visual display and interpretation process is digested in less than 10 seconds.

4. Contrast

It is advisable that you incorporate as much color contrast as possible in your digital communication design. This is for the purpose of easy and better text-readability. Basically, one important factor that affects reading from or at a distance is how much contrast exists between the foreground and background. For example, the use of colored text on a bright background produces a non-engaging contrast. You can simply ensure the fonts are legible enough even from a distance.

5. Font vs. Imagery

The same way contrast in colors attracts readers’ attention as well as enhances the readability, fonts that are easy-to-read aids the adaptability of the reader to the purpose of the message and the animation it has in place. Also, where necessary and if possible, you can place images over the text to allow your audience understand you better and relate to the specialty of your brand.

6. Animations and Transitions

At truDigital, the animations and transitions strategies are what we use to tell the viewers what comes or appears next to enable the minds to recharge and absorb more information. Moreover, the animations and transitions see the need to move the signage to draw the eye closer to the change.

Generally, sales and audience-interaction increase can be driven by digital communications, if only they are designed the right way. While audiences can be overwhelmed by ambiguous messages, and in turn, impact their interest, targeted content as delivered by truDigital can help foster audience involvement and participation via effective message delivery.

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