Blending Art with Digital Signage

Have you ever thought about how digital signage can tremendously transform your artistic style and sales?

Blending Art with Digital Signage

Have you ever thought about how digital signage can tremendously transform your artistic style and sales?

Well just as Neo-Plasticism desired to change the form of composition in regards to painting and architecture by changing how people viewed their environment, this is how digital signage can transform Art!

Moreover, the primary purpose of digital signage is to pass a message to your audience. Digital signage has shown an alternative method to artistic works by developing digital animations or designing apps than what the society is accustomed to.

In fact, digital signage is a world of its own that just keeps getting bigger.  It has a better package for artists, especially when compared to traditional style. While more and more artists are jumping on board and using digital signage technology to replace traditional methods to connect easily with customers and enhance sales. One strategy that seems to be emerging is the use of platforms as an artistic canvas.

Below are few things to consider when blending art with digital signage.

Start with the basics!

Plan First

Planning is a vital tool in all aspect of communication. Now, ask yourself these questions and figure out precisely what you want your digital signage screen to display. What will the call to action be? What font will you use? Where will the text be placed and how will it capture the mind of your audience? What formats will you use?


Where you would hang, a work of art is likely not quite the same as where you would do same for a poster. Also, the area for placing an Artwork matters as it needs an appropriate place for contemplation and dramatic effects.


If an artistic effect is what you want, don’t hold back on the screens. Size and quality are vital. While using a single screen can do the job, consider using multi-screen clusters that will help create a better visual experience and give your designer some exciting choices.

The Artist

There are professionals in the field of digital design which are well trained in this medium. Digital signage as a medium for the artist is not the just for a circling slideshow of photographs you find intriguing. Think Big—understand what you need your clients to FEEL when they view your artistic designs. What image would you like to pass on? At truDigital we can provide a solution to all these questions. We can ultimately create a unique artistic expression that conveys your ability to design experience for clients around the world.

In conclusion,

Blending art with digital signage can powerfully help create a connection between your designs and customers.  If you need a professional, remember we at truDigital can develop dynamic content that is up-to-date and more affordable.

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