Bringing Those Straight Fire Moments to your Digital Signage Screens

Using popular culture references to bring your content right into the moment.

Digital signage screens are there to be noticed, not taken for granted. If they always seem the same, in terms of style and content presentation, it's easy for people to stop paying as much attention to them as they should. By the way, 'straight fire' in the title is apparently teen slang for something of quality that is hot or trending! Who knew!

How to avoid a same-old, same-old reaction

A simple solution: by using popular culture references to bring your content right into the moment. It's so easy to accomplish with an agile, cloud-based content delivery system. This means using what people are currently talking about, viewing or listening to. References can then be built into your content, keeping it both vibrant and always interesting.

Building a bank of such references

Considering what's current in the world of sports, movies, fashion, music, and even politics, can allow you to create attention-grabbing references. For example: on an election day you might encourage customers to 'Vote with your feet by visiting our...' If the weather is inclement, you might offer 'Storming good starters at...' or 'It's raining discounts at...' The visuals to accompany these messages can quickly be added, bringing your screens to life. The ability to change content in an instant, whether for just a few screens, or across multiple locations, means that no huge effort is required. References to local events or news stories can also feature in key locations.

Tying digital signage to popular culture

Like most businesses, our truDigital signage team have our own 'Water cooler moments'. This phrase is regularly used to describe entertainment events that cause people to talk about them whenever they gather. Classics would surely include the last episode of Seinfeld or Friends, the latest murder and mayhem in Game Of Thrones, or trailers for an upcoming Marvel superheroes movie. Other possibilities include:

- sports events
- video games launches
- sudden dance crazes
- award ceremony winners
- current best-selling book titles
- the latest tracks from a music genre or artist

Each of the above is often featured in such conversations.

The key is to know your audience and what they are likely to be talking about. In today's connected world, this conversation is as likely to be on social media as face-to-face. It's also true that individuals don't need to eagerly follow specific events or artists to still understand what's being said about them.

Building recognizable references into your digital signage content

'To infinity and beyond' could add 'buzz' as it refers to the launch of a new service. 'To boldly go' might highlight new sales goals or an increased environmental commitment. A slight amendment to a famous film line can bring us to 'We're making you offers you can't refuse'. These quotes have remained in the public consciousness long after we were first introduced to them.

Such classics is one possible area for ideas, but the real key is to keep up-to-date with what is currently trending in the public mind, is on their playlist, or being constantly streamed by them. Then to find attention-compelling ways to use this information to deliver content to your internal or external audience. Often, the actual key content might not change, but your presentation changes will quickly breathe fresh life into it.

Our truDigital signage team are always ready to talk to you about how easy it is to keep your digital signage content straight fire! For an obligation-free discussion of your needs, you can reach us by dialing 1-801-852-9898 or by using our truDigital Live Chat Box...

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