Carefully Monetizing Your Digital Signage Screens

Monetizing your digital signage through partnerships, proper placement, and strategic messaging.

If you are considering an investment in digital signage, or have already made this choice as an agile communication system for your company or organization, then our truDigital signage team appreciate that finding ways to make money through its use would be well worth considering. Whether you are part of an education or care environment, perhaps offer hospitality or other private, corporate or public services; a carefully considered use of a regular revenue stream can help pay for your digital signage - and more. This is certainly a worthwhile option, considering that almost one-fifth of Americans say they have made unplanned purchases after seeing digital advertising.

We know you'll want to find sources and messages that match your ethos, ones that won't jar with the way you wish to conduct your operations and deal with the public. Let's examine some factors to consider when monetizing your screens...

1. Develop strategic partnerships

Your digital signage operations might cover a single location, or be across the state or nationwide. As well as the considerations already mentioned, this will affect the business partners you choose, ones who can promote their products or services to your clientele, and pay for such valuable exposure. You can deliver a swiftly reached and clearly targeted audience, so effective when compared to both the longer deadlines and harder to target audiences of print and other traditional forms of advertising.

2. Think beyond tight confines

Some partnerships suggest themselves, such as places to eat, retail outlets, cinemas, theaters or fitness clubs located close to your premises. Consider possibilities that might not be an obvious fit. Advertising an auto dealership in a junior school might seem a stretch, but how many parents might be exposed to a promotion for family cars? Digital signs located in 'captive audience' areas, such as waiting rooms, can provide more detailed information, having time to tell short stories about key products or services. Advertisers might encourage viewers to use their mobile devices to instantly interact with their web or social media presences. This could include the provision of ready-for-use discount codes, or an offer of special bonuses to specific audiences.

3. Deliver a choice of messaging possibilities

This might range from a single static ad or a timed slide presentation, to a brief video message or even a screen sponsorship partnership. With such an agile, cloud-based system, messages can be swiftly updated or promotions specifically-timed across as many screens as you have, all from a single location.

4. Consider effective pricing options

If you understand who is exposed to your digital signage, and can assess both the traffic levels and peak viewing times, then you can easily offer a range of cost-effective promotional packages, or sliding price scales, to your chosen partners. These might be for short-term or specific-event timed campaigns, or to offer a permanent appearance (perhaps with easily-altered content).

How can we help?

With your digital signage in place, any revenue gained can offset even minimal running and update costs - and even turn a valuable profit. You can offer fluid promotional options, so agile that content changes can be made in moments. Such additions can engage, inspire, even motivate your audience by enhancing the impact of your own content. This is achieved through adding extra variety and local interest for those who view your screens, often on a regular basis. If you'd like an obligation-free conversation with our truDigital experts, based here in Sandy, Utah, about monetizing your digital signage, please call 1-801-852-9898...

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