Company Highlight: Moore's Electrical and Mechanical

truDigital has a vast number of clients that love our digital signage. We recently spoke with one of our favorite customers, Moore’s Electrical and Mechanical, to see how they put truDigital to use.

Moore’s and truDigital

Moore’s Electrical and Mechanical used to use a number of different tools for their digital signage. They had to meticulously design each slide, then render them into a video that would play on loop in all locations. Customization wasn’t an option! The process Moore’s had to follow was intense and time consuming, especially because they couldn’t schedule new displays ahead of time.

Moore’s needed something that would save time, allow for faster editing, be remotely operable, and that could be changed depending on the location. Scheduling and time was their biggest pain point. That’s where truDigital came in.


Primary Use for Digital Signage

Moore’s primary use for truDigital is internal employee communication. They have 13 offices across Virginia and North Carolina. They use truDigital to celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries, highlight job site work, and make other important announcements.

They also like to welcome new hires on their day of onboarding to introduce them once their training is complete. truDigital signage has helped them display accomplishments on both an individual and team level. They also display COVID mask policies on digital signage for any visitors that may come in.


Main Benefits

One of the main benefits Moore’s has found since adopting truDigital is that it saves them a lot of time. They love using the preset slides and templates for easy use, as well as the ease of uploading custom slides and templates.

They have also enjoyed being able to update truDigital signage from anywhere! And, now that they are able to schedule programs ahead of time, they have found that they waste less time worrying about signage.

Future Plans

In the future, Moore’s plans to add to their number of players and screens. They also plan to branch out with the use of some of their players. Instead of hanging plaques on their “Gold Wrench” wall to award exceptional service, they’ll use digital signage to remove bulk and share more of a story.  

Thank you to Moore’s Electrical and Mechanical for sharing their experience with truDigital. To learn more about how truDigital can help you communicate better across your business, get in touch with us today.

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