Delivering Cutting Edge Digital Signage Through Keen Audience Appreciation

A two-step process to deliver effective messaging via digital signage.

Chris Gee, MD of Digital Strategy at Finsbury, a global leader in strategic communications, has suggested that “Marketing in general, was all about mass audience. Now, it’s much more about communication to niche targeted audiences.” Our team here at truDigital certainly know this to be true when it comes to maximizing the impact of your digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising across a range of environments, locations and situations.

Therefore, to deliver effective messages is a two-step process: identifying the specific audience, and then matching clearly defined content to any location and situation, as well as to match or exceed their needs and expectations. Let's examine both aspects...

Identifying your audience

With digital signage, this identification will focus on a range of key areas. This will help both with the positioning of digital signage and in the messages then displayed. A useful starting point is to understand the situation your audience is in as they view your signage - be they the general public, clients, employees, guests, or a mixture of some or all of these groups. Identifying a range of key questions can help; here are some examples:

Are a series of alternate messages relevant at different times throughout the day as the audience are in different moods, or have different needs, as they view the signage?

Is the audience simply quickly passing by a signage location and therefore in need of swift, clear, to-the-point digital signage messages?

Might they be in a 'captive state', such as when waiting for a period of time in a queue, or to be seated at a restaurant table, or to be seen by their medical professional?

Are they seeking a specific location, product range, key service, or informative and helpful content?

Do they need to be told important safety and other information?

You'll have other questions appropriate to your organization. Appreciating the situation your audience is in, together with those traditional marketing triggers such as age, sex, social standing, their expectations, likes and dislikes etc. can help create a clear set of objectives and guidelines for the creation of effective and always-relevant content.

Matching agile digital signage to your defined audience

Knowing the who - and when - are keys for making the most of the instant flexibility provided by cloud-based digital signage content opportunities. This holds equally true for the placement of a single screen in one place, or a multitude carefully located across a site, or even in a series of state or country-wide locations.

The content should be closely matched to their needs and expectations at those moments when they are viewing the information. It should be as tightly targeted as possible, without seeming as if you have set private investigators to check out individual people's behavior!

The digital content should deliver clear and valuable viewer guidance. This can range from providing wayfinding information, to product, service or offer details. It should offer immediate value to these viewers, or assist their at-that-moment needs, and be fully relevant to their current situation. Three cheers are surely due then for the instantly flexible content possibilities delivered by digital signage; often due to thoughtful and significant pre-caching actions.

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