Delivering Effective In-House Digital Signage Communications

How digital signage can replace out-of-date noticeboards, ignored emails, and memos.

Our truDigital signage team speak to many companies keen to use this facility as an agile way to deliver key selling messages to their customers. But equally, many appreciate that these screens offer boundless possibilities for effective and engaging in-house communications, a world away from out-of-date and rarely glanced at noticeboards, or so many ignored emails or even memos.

To make the most of the corporate communication possibilities of digital signage, let's examine three key aspects, and then look at some tips for making the most of the medium...


Digital screens can deliver everything from mission statements to up-to-the-moment production or sales figures. Company policies or procedures can be clearly and swiftly explained, changes or new practices can be highlighted, bringing a clearly understood workforce focus to all parts of the organization.


Employees feel a part of the business if they are kept in the loop as much as possible. With agile, cloud-based and always-current content, digital signage can deliver all manner of messages. There are the serious, such as health and safety issues, and your HR department can communicate the answers to FAQs, employee worries and the like, reducing their real-time burden. Then there's the fun areas, perhaps details of the annual company barbecue or other out-of-hours group or individual charitable undertakings in the community. Employee anniversaries, promotions, individual achievement and team successes can all be swiftly shared company-wide. New staff members can be introduced and quickly made to feel welcome and included. Helpful information, such as outside traffic problems, can be added, to show an organization that wishes to fully and helpfully communicate with its staff.


Digital signage helps make practical and real a serious commitment to the reduction in the use of paper, as well as to the substantial time and financial costs of printing, distribution, removal and disposal.

Key tips for making the most of your in-house digital signage

1. If it's new to your organization, take time to walk people through where the signs are placed and help them understand what information they'll find there

2. Be creative: don't simply take paper-based content and copy it for a digital signage screen. Know that what you say and how you say it needs to be powerful and easily noticed, read and understood by all the people working in your environment - and they need to do so at the distance, and in the circumstances, from which they'll be viewing it

3. Develop recognition of types of messages. A simple way would be to have differently-colored, preferably light, backgrounds for identifiable key areas such as results, productivity updates, company statements, HR or health and safety messages. Fun notices could perhaps be presented in a more relaxed style

4. Consider developing a memorable and recognizable method for delivering key information. For example, safety issues could be covered by a character who makes mistakes paired with another who explains what should be done. Good news about performance could even be introduced by on-screen fireworks or a blast of triumphant trumpets!

How can truDigital help develop your in-house communication style and processes?

Effectively used, digital signage screens are an informative and motivational, agile and valuable, sought-out method for corporate and in-house communications. They reach more people than traditional methods - and do so much more swiftly. To talk about what they can bring to your organization, whether in a single location or across multiple destinations, call us now on 1-801-852-9898 for an obligation-free discussion...

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