Digital Signage Is Taking On New Importance

Investing in digital signage offers so much more than just emergency guidance. It's a proven and powerful long-term investment that can improve both look and function for an operation.

'Keep your distance' is one of the key messages for many businesses as we all adapt to the 'new normal'. Waiting lines and traffic flow are problematic for many operations, and are causing many alterations to how business should be conducted.

Here at truDigital, we are working with our clients to provide active and fluid information sources which offer both guidance and a measure of control in such circumstances. As more businesses and organizations are quickly discovering, key messages about social distancing, waiting times, or direction of traffic flow are among many where digital signage screens can be carefully located and instantly invaluable.

Making the most of digital signage during the pandemic and far beyond

The aim is to engage those who view your signs and then motivate and even inspire them into taking the specific action you want or that is quickly needed. This is a key reason why our truDigital signage team work so hard to form personal partnerships with our clients. Understanding their key business requirements, for both the short and longer terms, allows us to utilize the combination of effectively placed signage screens and truly agile, cloud-based messaging. This brings vital information to life and grabs the attention of key audiences.

This system can deliver so much at the current time, offering a modern vibrancy that draws attention, and is often lacking in dated printed communications. Some possibilities were mentioned earlier; others can include:

- Key safety protocols

- Changes to policies and operations (often advising both staff and customers)

- Reminders of the need to wear a mask in certain areas

Where multiple locations are involved, screens can deliver information instantly relevant at each key point of operation; for example, if a line or traffic jam forms in one place without observing social distancing needs. Constant, and regularly updated, reminders can be a vital key to effective - and safe - operations in these troubled times.

An on-going solution

Investing in digital signage can help with the above, but offers so much more than just emergency guidance. It's a proven and powerful long-term investment that can improve both look and function for an operation. It works in many ways. Publicly this can include delivering sales messages and marketing campaigns direct to an engaged audience, offering valuable local traffic and weather updates, or promoting local events. Internally, screens can provide key logistical information, performance indicators, safety updates, warnings or reminders; or news of successes, to those employed within the operation.

How can truDigital help?

Both for the current emergency and on-going information provision and promotional opportunities, our team is always ready to advise on the unique but proven possibilities for your business or organization. Contact us now by calling 801-852-9898 for an obligation-free and socially distanced conversation!

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