Digital Signage: The Perfect Starter for Whetting the Appetites of Casual Dining Customers

Simple ways of using digital signage to gain customers.

There are those folks who have planned a night out in a specific restaurant or a regular trip to a fast-food outlet. But many others are more casual diners, making a swift choice as they pass a range of cafes, restaurants, and other quick-service eateries.

Now, once any customers are inside and waiting for a table, or standing in a queue, digital signage can certainly enhance the experience.

But, let's concentrate now on grabbing those 'hungry passers-by'. Our truDigital signage team knows that either outside or indoor locations can be used - or a combination of both. Let's look at how the use of agile, cloud-based content, in specific locations outside the restaurant itself, can motivate the feet to stop moving, the brain to engage, and a customer be created.

Making the most of your digital signage content

You might be using a single screen, or a series placed together in one location, set to present a more detailed story. Equally, content might be sent to some or all of the many screens utilized by a multi-location restaurant chain. Once you appreciate who your target audience is for a single, or many, locations, you can set to work delivering powerful and persuasive content to encourage them to feed!

Here are five examples covering simple ways of using digital signage for gaining first passing customer interest, and then their commitment to choosing your restaurant...

1. A dull, static menu board or even a blackboard (with all the fiddling around and time spent on keeping it up-to-date) can become an exciting, appetizing, and ever-changing looped living presentation of the finest of available dishes, mouth-watering extras, and appetizing drinks

2. Time-limited special offers, flash promotions, dish-of-the-hour deals, and the like, are possible with an agile and instant-change content facility. Loyalty bonus reminders for regular customers can also be shown

3. Instant availability of tables could be advertised, especially at peak times of the day. This captures those people who might have a glance inside a window, assume that the restaurant is full, and go elsewhere - until they see your strategically placed window or wall screen telling them otherwise!

4. Quickly-changing screens can deliver messages in all the languages used by the people in the community where a cafe, fast-food eatery, or restaurant is located

5. Encourage those passers-by who wanted only a quick snack to enjoy something more substantial

More ways to tempt the taste-buds with your digital signage

Of course, digital signage might not be positioned right beside the eatery. In a shopping mall, or at key street locations, screens could be deployed. These could show the information already mentioned, then maybe encourage a telephone order to be ready for collection when the customer reaches the actual location. Within a large business, wall screens could tell employees about 'today's specials' in the staff canteen, and again how seating availability is at any given time.

Of course, screen placement needs to make the messages clearly and easily visible - there will be different requirements for indoor or outdoor, in-house or publicly displayed locations.

How can truDigital help feed information to your potential customers?

If you want to deliver key content in an agile way, so that it is as fresh as the dishes you provide or ingredients you use, talk to our truDigital signage team about a recipe for success. We're based here in Sandy, Utah; you'll reach us on 1-801-852-9898 - and our discussion will be completely obligation-free...

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