Digital Signage: The Prescription for an Improved Healthcare Facility Experience!

How digital signage provides effective and agile communication for patients and staff members.

We know that visiting a healthcare facility, from their local doctor’s surgery to a specific clinic or major general hospital, can be an anxiety-inducing experience for patients and their friends and families. It can also be a frustrating one for those who call in a professional capacity. It’s often stressful and hectic for those who work there.

One of the key reasons for this can be a lack of effective and agile communication options, whether generally, or specifically for staff or patients. Here are three examples of such situations, and details of how an agile, cloud-based digital signage system can prove to be a terrific ally…

1. Dealing with the fact that patients hate to wait

Individuals often feel nervous, anxious, even fearful in such circumstances. The length of time they have to wait to be called for an appointment can darken their mood. Equally, there can be a nagging feeling, after just a few minutes, that perhaps they have been forgotten! Adding digital screens with clearly updated information regarding current waiting times can soothe such worries.

It’s also true, during these waits, that the healthcare facility has a captive audience! Digital signage screens can be used to both entertain and inform. This might involve offering timely reminders for seasonal treatments such as flu shots. Advice can be offered regarding activities and actions that can improve general health, including diet and exercise tips. General facility information regarding available services, or changes and improvements to these, could also be provided. For pediatric facilities, young ones could be entertained or involved on-screen – which most parents would surely welcome!

Having a ready-made audience, our truDigital signage team also appreciate that healthcare facilities can gain valuable revenue by using this facility to promote, always without appearing overly pushy when doing so, some carefully selected products, services or even local events.

All of the above actions can combine to improve the perception among patients of the time they actually wait.

2. Delivering important safety or wayfinding information

Whether for patients, or other visiting professionals, a healthcare facility can be a confusing, hectic, even worrying place. Helping them cope with this unknown physical environment by using responsive digital signage at the reception area, and in key locations throughout, can offer great relief. Detailed location maps, perhaps paired with physician and other key staff directories, will allow for more efficient traffic flow within the facility, reducing both confusion and valuable time being wasted. Digital signage screens can also highlight key safety protocols and help ensure better visitor behavior.

3. Delivering timely staff communications

It’s likely that static, information-overloaded, wall-mounted noticeboards or scruffy whiteboards will tend to be sub-consciously ignored. Using ever-changing, fluid, eco-friendly, and agile digital signage in staff break rooms can deliver vital and up-to-the-minute information regarding organizational policies, new treatments, ongoing hazard situations or current safety schedules, provide training possibilities and much more.

How truDigital signage can help

If any, or all, of the above are factors in your healthcare operation, our experienced team are ready to start an obligation-free discussion regarding the possibilities for investing in a cloud-based digital signage system. This can deliver key information so easily, swiftly updated which we know is vital in such a constantly changing work environment, from a central point to just a single location or across a network of linked facilities. To reach us now, here in Sandy, Utah, please call 1-801-852-9898…

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