Failing to Make the Most of Digital Signage Possibilities

Three ways where an agile, cloud-based, content delivery system isn't used as it could be.

Imagine tuning in to your favorite TV crime drama. On the screen for the whole hour is a single, static image with a message saying: 'Make the story up for yourself'. How ridiculous would that be? Yet our truDigital signage team have found many examples of unchanging, static images on digital screens; a real missed opportunity when you consider what could have been achieved. So, let's look at three ways where an agile, cloud-based, content delivery system isn't used as it could be...

'Please stop talking - my brain's starting to hurt!'

You're at a party and meet someone new. Several minutes pass as they talk, perhaps too quickly for you to take it all in, about something that enthuses them greatly, but confuses or even bores you. Now, you're hoping to be rescued! In digital signage terms, this is equivalent to an excess of content, perhaps presented in a typeface or size that prevents clear understanding, flashing too swiftly across badly-positioned screens.

The answer: design clear and fully readable messages; using the agility of a cloud-based scrolling content system to deliver the amount of information that's necessary

Location! Location! Location!

This is the title of a popular property show on British TV. It works for us here by repeatedly emphasizing how important screen positioning is for the success of digital signage promotions. You're carefully entering a parking garage and don't notice the screen high above the entrance. You miss the one that's tucked away in the corner of a shopping mall, or behind a beautiful display of tall and expanding pot plants. Screens might be lost in less-prominent positions amongst a sea of other promotional posters or signage. They might even be so low that they are obscured by customers standing in line or queuing in front of them!

The answer: assess people movement patterns, including time spent, to best understand where and how to place your digital screens so the potential audience can satisfactorily view your content

No billboards outside...anywhere!

Yes, a salute to a great movie, but a no-no where digital signage is concerned. We mentioned static images earlier; they really are a waste of the opportunities that digital signage can provide. Presenting a poster or billboard-style ad or an unchanging message prevents you from making the most of the media. Even where you are delivering a single message, perhaps about safety or as a wayfinding aid, it can be brought alive through animation, movement, or being displayed across a scrolling presentation. Each demands more attention than an unmoving image, and a cloud-based content system offers agile management of changing messages, whether to a single site or multiple locations.

The answer: Always look for ways to bring your digital signage content alive and have it appeal directly to your specific audience

Are you failing to make the most of your digital signage?

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