Framing and Forming - How Digital Signage Can Deliver Winning Content

Three key examples of ways digital signage can deliver for your business or organization.

Imagine walking into someone's home for the first time. On the wall are a series of stunning, and obviously valuable, silver picture frames. One problem: there are no pictures in any of them. When you politely ask why, the answer is 'Oh I just want people to admire the frames'.

Silly - but there is a danger of similar outcomes in business life too. One example our truDigital signage team have come across is organizations or businesses who invest in quality screens, carefully position them to best effect - and then neglect to have a laser-like focus on the vital content.

Leo Burnett, one of the titans of 20th century advertising, said this of content: '"Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read." While the last of his four points might not always be possible, digital signage content should certainly aim to comply with the first three.

With an agile, cloud-based content system, the limitless and virtually instant flexibility this offers leads many to feel that digital signage is now the most in-the-moment and swiftly-responsive advertising medium there is. Screens attract viewers, content interests, informs, advises and enthuses them. Here are just three key examples of ways it can deliver for a business or organization...

Instant and increasing lead generation

The person passing by a digital signage screen might be reminded of something they intended to buy; equally others might be persuaded to make an impulse decision. This could range from buying a product to stopping for a coffee and sandwich; from checking out a new entertainment venue to arranging a dental check-up. Other forms of media simply can't match the instancy of digital signage!

Selling up or selling out

Retailers can use digital screens, often placed close to the point-of-purchase, to highlight current offers, promote end of ranges to clear out specific products, perhaps to offer on-the-spot multi-buy offers, or emphasize the value of buying the larger size of an item. Key information about a product or service, and the benefits it delivers, can also be placed right in front of a customer's eyes. And with the cloud content facility, such offers can be crafted and delivered in a heartbeat, whether for a single screen in one store or across a high number of nationwide outlets.

Improving staff-speak

Signage screens in companies and institutions can offer a superb method of delivering vital internal communications, and doing so swiftly and responsively. Communications might range from current production performance compared to targets, to highlighting on-going safety requirements. An example of this would be our '60 Seconds of Safety' app, check it out here. Motivational mantras - or competitions - can be highlighted.

Equally, a company can show it cares for its staff by providing useful 'emergency preparedness' information. This might be regarding in-house incidents, local road closures, or by delivering real-time content warning of upcoming weather conditions, and even visual guides to storm shelter locations, if the situation is dire.

Delivering the above - and so much more

Our truDigital experts, based in Sandy, Utah, appreciate that the above examples offer the merest scratching of the surface of the multitude of ways in which the proven power of digital signage can deliver engaging and inspiring results for so many businesses or organizations. Each to their own - the key is to fully appreciate what a combination of cleverly-located screens and carefully framed and formed content could provide for you. To talk about this, and ask as many questions as you'd like answers to - obligation-free of course - simply dial this number 1-801-852-9898 and chat to our friendly and experienced truDigital signage team...

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