Helping Banks Deposit Trust-Building Messages in Customers' Minds

The power of using well-presented messages to help build vital confidence levels.

Our truDigital signage team members are fans of comedian Steven Wright who once noted: "I saw a bank that said '24 Hour Banking', but I don't have that much time". The truth is that people don't, or don't want to, spend the length of time they might have in the past in accessing and digesting important financial information. A generation or two ago, banks were seen by many as austere, even severe, places to visit. Nowadays, both physically and online, they would likely be recognized simply as another, albeit important, resource to help live life as you might want to.

Agile communications in an evolving technological world

As the public perception of banks or banking has changed (and in recent financially straightened times, often not positively), there is a need to build confidence as a trustworthy, professional, accessible and helpful resource. One of the key ways to achieve this is by the provision of easily understandable information - in terms of both the content itself and how it's presented. User-friendly websites, accessed through an increasing diversity of devices, are an obvious example. Yet many people still appreciate the chance for the physical interaction and personal contact achieved through a visit to their bank.

Adding to an in-person banking experience

Matching this change in communication expectations, our team has noticed that banks are increasingly using digital signage to deliver information in a timely, clear and quick way, helping to build trust (and repair it where necessary) amongst both current and potential customers. Waiting in a queue, even for a limited time, delivers a captive audience who, by their simple presence, suggests an opportunity to be informed or persuaded. Effective use of digital signage can capture their attention, make swift suggestions, deliver key messages, and offer timely reminders. This is then backed up by that personal human interaction that so many still greatly appreciate.

Delivering effective, trust-building digital signage communications

Increasingly, the public are 'trusting their tech', as a variety of devices become an integral part of their professional and personal lives. Exposing customers to a series of well-presented, dynamic but simple, messages shows a desire to communicate openly, helping build those vital confidence levels. Digital signage, especially backed with the swiftly changeable access provided by a cloud-based system, can clearly outline offers and explain key services with simple clarity.

They also provide a vital opportunity for a bank to explain, or remind, the public of those key areas which build trust. These can include the principles by which they conduct business, the proven strategies which guide investment decisions, and how customer funds are carefully protected. Digital signage helps deliver a match between traditional values and behaviors and modern communications technology with its high-quality imaging. It allows those viewing it to scroll through key information at a pace they can easily work with. Even a short wait can offer repeated exposure to key messages.

How can our truDigital signage team contribute to the impression you wish to make?

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