Helping Your Digital Signage Equipment to Thrive in its Environment

Protecting you digital signage against whatever the world throws at them.

Our truDigital signage team are focused on the delivery of stunning, agile, informative and motivational content. However, we do often talk in-depth to our many clients about the environmental needs of their screens and other equipment. No matter the stellar standard of their content, and the variety of superbly useful apps we provide, we always appreciate that the equipment must function to its maximum for the complete picture to be seen. And this is true in ever more diverse locations across the United States.

Taking time to consider the environmental factors which come into play

These can differ widely across locations and altitudes; especially as you may be using a limited number of screens in a single site or operating a nationwide multitude! Let's examine both internal and external environmental considerations...

Digital signage in outdoor locations

Outdoors, and depending on the variety of sites, equipment might have to be able to withstand severe heat and chilling cold, not to mention seeping, constant, misty drizzle or sudden violent cloudbursts. A related factor is the possible levels of humidity in the chosen locations. Consider the difference between a salty coastal location and a dry desert one. So, it's vital that such hardware and its cabling are water-resistant, moisture-insulated, and capable of operating across a range of temperatures.

Digital signage equipment in indoor locations

Moisture, especially humidity, is still likely to be a key consideration. It's vital to appreciate the variables of heat, for example comparing subway station signage in high summer to an air-conditioned shopping mall, or perhaps a flaming grill eatery.

It's also highly important to make sure your media players are fit for purpose in such different environments. When operating space is tight, we have even known for them to be kept in corners where temperatures are substantially higher than in the main part of the premises. Therefore, it's important to know the key specs.

For example, our truDigital signage player has operating temperature limits of between -10℃ and +60℃. We always point out that these are extremes, recommending an approximate room temperature environment wherever possible. Our player should also be used with a surge-protected power outlet. If you want full specs for this equipment, you'll find them here (ADD LINK). And, of course, your truDigital signage player is pre-activated, and plug-n-play ready.

Protection against whatever the world throws at your digital signage screens

Sadly, in some high-traffic or slightly out of the mainstream places, we mean this literally. Vandalism can be a problem, as well as a range of accidental damage possibilities. Increasingly, screen films and display enclosures are built to withstand both accidental and deliberate damage - even up to the of level explosive blasts. The key is to talk through your specific location and durability requirements with the hardware manufacturers you are considering as an equipment supplier.

When your hardware is good to go

We hope the above pointers have helped with your choice of digital signage hardware. To start a conversation about matching this with agile cloud-based content, to complete the communication possibilities your business or organization needs, call our truDigital team here in Sandy Utah for an obligation-free conversation on 1-801-852-9898...

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