How Digital Signage is Forest-Friendly!

Become more eco-friendly, while still achieving company or organizational goals and ROI targets.

Imagine a stunning, sweeping forest of 400 trees. Cutting them down and processing the wood could eventually produce about 23 tons of paper. Multiply that by a million, and you just cover the amount of paper used by US businesses in a single year.

It's no wonder that so many of our truDigital signage clients care deeply about our precious environment. They are looking for ways to become more eco-friendly, while still achieving their company or organisational goals and ROI targets. Many have asked us how the use of digital signage can be a positive aspect of their green commitment.

Can't see the wood for the paperwork

To misquote an old saying! Reducing the amount of paper that is flying around within any business is a powerful step forward. It's reckoned that almost half of the documents printed in an office are unlikely to survive their first day of life; and a third or so are never even collected from the printer! Overflowing waste bins can be spotted in almost any environment, proving this point. In fact, over two thirds of all business trash is paper. This certainly reflects the astonishing fact that around 400 billion photocopies are made each year in the United States alone.

Printing, copying, and distribution are all costly, and so much of it still ends up in landfill sites. Here, the degradation of the paper and printer ink creates a range of gases, including methane, which is especially problematic for the environment. We could quote many more statistics to highlight the paper problem, but let's focus on a proven alternative...

Maximizing your digital signage possibilities

Of course, for legal and other reasons, we appreciate that there are documents which must be printed. But let's consider those situations where the aim is simply to disseminate information. Much of this can be achieved through the effective use of agile digital signage. Such messages, when skillfully positioned, can gain far greater and more immediate attention than one email, or printed memo, taking its chances amongst so many others received each day.

Digital signage is also much more flexible. A series of key messages can be stacked and then looped over a period of time; or shown on a series of screens at one time. Using a cloud-based system, content can also be changed or updated instantly, and as often as you require. No reprints required!

Digital signage and its environmental impact

Clients have correctly pointed out that using digital signage also has an environmental impact. However, compared to paper-based alternatives, digital displays can have a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours. This means that, if you activated a sign on Christmas Day 2018, and never switched it off, it could well still be presenting your message on Good Friday 2029! At current prices, energy costs for a digital sign can be under $20 a year - equivalent to only a few of the multitude of reams required to produce paper-based content. Your digital signage brightness levels can also often be adjusted to suit a specific location, further reducing the overall cost.

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