How Digital Signage Offers a Hospitable Welcome

What digital signage can bring to travel or hospitality operations.

Across so many sectors of the hospitality and travel industry, springtime almost brings a rebirth. As well as those regular year-long travelers, visitors and customers, the new season sees the start of more time spent outdoors. This involves planning and then enjoying short city breaks, historic location sightseeing visits, and longer family vacations. Warmer days and comfortable nights take us out and about to restaurants, bars, sporting events, cinemas and theaters and might even encourage us to join or return to fitness clubs and athletic interests.

What do all these opportunities have in common?

Our truDigital team knows the answer to this one: the need for up-to-the-minute and easily accessible flexible sources of important information. Using an agile, cloud-based content system, across a single or limited number of screens, and in one or many locations, people can quickly learn what they want to know, or better find exactly where they need to be.

What digital signage can bring to travel or hospitality operations

The following five examples are not mutually exclusive, but do demonstrate the breadth of key communication needs that can be met through the effective and constant use of digital signage...

1. For those on the move, whether a seasoned or occasional traveler, using our nation's airports, train, subway and bus stations, even cruise terminals, wayfinding screens can deliver clear guidance in what can be a fraught experience - especially for inexperienced travelers. From the seasoned to the infrequent traveler, there is, of course, an expectation of digital signage to provide current departure and arrival times. But, add their flexibility in the almost-instant provision of key information covering safety, to deliver advice covering security protocols, update delay and location changes and more, and you'll appreciate why digital signage screens are increasingly abundant across so many of our nation's travel hubs. This is a marked change from not so long ago when just finding our way from point A to B through airports and stations was often a daunting challenge!

2. For museums, galleries and historical interest sites, with screens set at key location points, information can be added to quickly and simply tell amazing stories, provide key facts about artifacts, direct visitors around the venue or site, promote gift shops and cafes and much more.

3. Entertainment venues can show current event promos, even happy customer testimonials, plus future event promotions. Late ticket availability can be flashed up in moments, or special group discounts highlighted. Ads from carefully-selected local companies might be added e.g. places to eat after the show or where relevant merchandise could be purchased.

4. Eating and drinking establishments can use digital signage to showcase meals and cocktails, highlight their specials, offer discounts. They might also show videos of happy customers enjoying all they have to offer, helping to enhance the ambience.

5. Fitness establishments, golf clubs, bowling alleys, swimming pools and other sporting locations might add instructive videos for first-timers (or even the experienced golfer who's always looking for that extra 1%). Safety tips or security guidance can also be provided where appropriate.

Are you in the hospitality or travel industry?

As we said, the above are just proven examples of how digital signage is increasingly a mainstream and much-welcomed solution for keeping customers informed and for on-site business promotion. Our truDigital team, based here in Sandy, Utah, appreciate that the needs of each business or organization are unique. To discuss yours, without any obligation on your part, please call us on 1-801-852-9898, to start that valuable conversation...

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