How Social Media Content Can Add Impact to Your Digital Signage

Three key areas to consider to make the most of your social media.

Waiting for your takeaway coffee, completing a purchase in a store, about to take your turn at the bowling alley - just three of a multitude of places where you can be in front of digital signage screens. Amongst the content, perhaps tucked away in the bottom corner of the screen, you might notice a Twitter handle, a Pinterest link, or a 'Join us on Facebook' message. Which is fine, but doesn't really maximize the possibilities that a carefully thought out and skillful inclusion of social media content could offer.

To make the most of your social media, while keeping control of the content which you use, here are three key areas to consider...

Embiggen it!

Simpsons fans will recognize this word from the town's motto, and many folk assume it is made up. Yet it's been in dictionaries for well over a century. As it implies, the meaning is 'to make or become bigger'. A social media logo or link at the foot of the screen is easily overlooked; yet as part of a scrolling content loop, perhaps with an animated element, you can give it swift full-screen prominence that's likely to grab attention and drive people towards it.

Socialize it!

The point of social media is to be social. It should involve your customers, build their interest, offer a promotional element that's a world away from standard advertising. Of course, our truDigital signage team appreciates the problems, such as malicious trolls, it can create. We recommend you retain control of the content shown. Share all things social via digital signage by adding positive customer experience stories, perhaps organizing a 'Tweet of the Day' or 'Pinterest Photo of the Week' competition.

The agile and instant editing available through cloud-based content systems, whether for a single location or a multitude of screens nationwide, allows your people to repost social media responses that show your business or organization in the best light.

Pre-purpose it!

Like all other of your digital signage content, your use of social media should have a clear objective of encouraging customers to take positive action. Social media isn't at its best when it's simply presenting advertising messages that could just as easily appear in other media. Social media works best when encouraging - even demanding - involvement. Therefore, whatever you show should involve some kind of call to action.

A starting point, from your use of digital signage content, might simply be to have them begin to interact personally with your social media by 'friending or following' you. Posting an on-screen code to use when they first do this might enter them in a competition or gain a discount off their first order. You could ask a question that's important to them, and then encourage your audience to visit your social media to provide an answer.

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