How to Automatically Refresh or Renew Key Content Across Your Digital Signage

Automatically make fresh content a part of your digital signage.

You’re considering a family break but when you check the website of a possible destination hotel you discover it's still showing expired festive season deals late in January. You’re wondering what offers are currently available on large-screen TVs but the first website you visit is still showing offers that expired at the end of last month. Two easy examples of the frustrations caused by out-of-date information.

Might the same be true of your digital signage?

Our truDigital signage team notice such examples as we go about our daily lives. We also appreciate that the updating of such content can be a time-consuming hassle, and might occasionally be neglected amongst so many other business priorities.

So the question is: does it have to be this way? Your company or organization might currently, if reluctantly, settle for delivering only those ‘really need-to-know’ or ‘absolutely need-to-change’ updates. Even then, the delivery of a few important messages can inadvertently be missed. However, there is a much easier way...

The solution: automated content integration with your digital signage

Agile integration technology software takes advantage of the information-gathering programs you already use. Content can be automatically captured from them and then introduced through a cloud-based delivery system. This means that important spreadsheet data or vital internal or external information can be swiftly delivered across your chosen digital signage screens. Here are three key examples of ways of putting this possibility to effective use:

1. Integrated retail content – Customers when in-store, or walking around a shopping mall, can be confident that the sales offers they see, or new stock information provided, are as up-to-the-moment as can be. This avoids the frustration caused by unavailability and can quickly change the behaviors of the audiences you are targeting. Salespeople on the floor are also fully aware of key information that will help them deal more professionally with each customer.

2. Integrated process and progress content – in retail, manufacturing or service environments both managers and shop-floor or frontline employees can feel more involved in the delivery of the desired outcomes. They can have instant access to vital database information regarding production or sale goals, inventory levels, quality targets, machine performance and much more. They are likely to pay more attention as content is regularly and automatically updated across your digital signage. Such possibilities take us from the days, not so long ago, of waiting for weekly or monthly reports on performance, to an instant and ever-changing real-time analysis!

3. Integrated social media content – imagine the interaction with potential customers if your social media posts to locations such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are also swiftly displayed at key digital signage locations. Using a cloud-based content system makes it so simple to have specific messages presented in carefully selected locations – or, if you prefer, right across all your digital signage. Specific hashtag campaigns can be created and quickly be trending.

The integration-automation key

The most important point across all of these possibilities is that the content automatically becomes part of your digital signage. There is no added workload or employee time to be spent. Each update is achieved through maximizing the use of technology, automatically helping to deliver extra beneficial outcomes from your content activities.

Out truDigital team, here in Sandy Utah, are ready to discuss, without obligation of course, how a partnership of outstanding digital signage and integrated content options can deliver important benefits to your company or organization. To start such a conversation now, please call us on 1-801-852-9898 or through our Live Chat facility…

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