How to Avoid Annoying Your Digital Signage Customers

Gaining real value from a marriage of both technology and content.

Our truDigital team appreciates that digital signage is very much an inhabitant of its environment. This means that, in a variety of locations, it will be placed to achieve a range of very different objectives. However, its effective use can be judged across a range of comparisons, some more pertinent than others, depending on each audience or situation. Here, we examine three possibilities…

• Ensure it’s updated rather than outdated

One of the key benefits of an agile, cloud-based digital content delivery system is in its swift flexibility. For more traditional wayfinding signage, temporary changes to any location can be a costly problem. Promotional posters can cause negative feedback and annoyance by still appearing to make offers that are now well out-of-date. Traditional in-house noticeboards often contain a backlog of information and can simply be ignored.

From a single location to multi-site digital signage screens, content can be amended and updated in moments from a single, central location. This is particularly vital when providing important safety information, details of transport departures, updating production line results, making short-term promotional offers – and for many other situations.

• Check that it’s diverting but not distracting

One widespread use for digital signage is to offer value to a captive audience. This might be in a hospital waiting room, in line to buy tickets or popcorn at a movie theater, waiting for a table when eating out, or for a bus, train or flight. Digital signage can help divert their attention by providing relevant product or service information, as well as news, traffic and weather feeds, items of interest to a clearly identified audience, perhaps money-off promotions for key products, or an introduction to relevant local businesses.

Such content helps take their mind just far enough away from the wait to avoid their becoming frustrated and impatient. However, it shouldn’t distract from their purpose for being there. An example: people leaving a ticket line in a movie theater because they’ve seen a promotion for a special themed evening currently being held at a local club is obviously counter-productive! The content should aim to contribute to, and even enhance, their experience, rather than completely distract from it.

• Aim to be inviting but not invasive

When creating and then presenting digital signage content, there can be a tendency to make it an ‘all bells and whistles’ and ‘let’s use everything we’ve got’ show. To expand on a previous point: content should not be distracting in its presentation. It’s vital to appreciate how you wish a viewer to respond. From this, you can then make it clear what they will gain by watching, whether for just a few moments or a much longer period. You might encourage them, where appropriate, into taking a specific action. You might simply want to inform or entertain during their wait.

Whatever you wish to achieve it’s important not to let the technology or presentation get in the way of that identified message. Watching a butterfly float by is inviting, having a hornet land on your shoulder is invasive! The key is never to let the method or process be an irritant.

Discuss these key factors with our truDigital signage team

Identifying a positive way forward, through the effective use of digital signage; gaining real value from a marriage of both technology and content, is different for each business or organization. That’s why we invite you to call us here in Sandy, Utah on 1-801-852-9898 for an obligation-free discussion to discover ways to motivate, engage and even inspire your internal or external audiences…

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