How to Deliver Truly Powerful and Engaging Digital Signage Content

Seven keys to the impactful delivery of effective digital signage.

Experience has taught our truDigital team that, as with most things in life, there are keys to the impactful delivery of effective digital signage. Let’s look at each area worth considering…

1. Gaining instant attention

Many digital screens are placed in front of moving, rather than static, audiences. In a limited time-frame, your visual images and key text must act dynamically to catch their eye and grab their attention. Be careful with your use of motion; too much, too dynamic, and your audience can be distracted. Keep key content grounded, motion works better as a more peripheral element.

2. Simplicity and clarity

To be acted upon in the way you wish, your digital signage must be clearly visible to its audience, who, in many situations, will spend limited time exposed to your messages. San serif fonts are read more quickly than serif alternatives; blocks of upper case lettering should be avoided as it takes much longer to digest and often seems to be shouting rather than talking! Remember the effect of natural or artificial light on digital screens; for maximum and easy visibility aim to match a dark text to a light screen, and vice versa. Use colored text or images sparingly to highlight a key headline or slogan. For true clarity, consider the distance those viewing the screen will be from its position. A useful guide is to use 1 inch of text height for every ten feet of distance.

3. Showing consistency

Digital screens can build sub-conscious impressions when viewed regularly. Therefore, it’s important to keep a consistency of colors and style, both with other promotional media used, and even when content messages are frequently changed. Using devices such as rhymes, slogans, mnemonics and alliteration can also build a constant impression.

4. Carefully timed presentations

A scrolling slideshow needs to provide the audience with enough time to digest the content, even if they are captive (e.g. in a waiting room) rather than on-the-move. Depending on the amount of information shown, the scroll time might be between 5-10 seconds, occasionally longer, to avoid frustration.

5. Delivering digital signage variety

As well as consistency, offering a variety of changing content allows for interest each time an individual passes your signage. If it’s considered helpful then more attention will be paid. Your own content might include new products or service videos, special offers, holiday opening hours, menus, awards won or staff profiles, thanks to customers, answers to FAQs, loyalty programs, discount codes, social media or website addresses and the like. To this, you might then add useful general information such as current events, wayfinding, news headlines, sports scores – in fact, anything your audience would find helpful or interesting.

6. Outcomes

To be truly effective, each digital signage screen or slideshow should contain a clear call to action. Simply tell viewers what you want them to do. Examples: Taste this, visit our, look for, ask our, call us, buy..., check out our… followed by a ‘time encouragement’… now, today, this afternoon, without delay, immediately, by noon...

7. Control

Using an agile remote digital signage management tool, whether for one or a limited number of screen locations or for a statewide or even national operation, allows you to match virtually instant flexibility with full control.

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