How Your Church Can Make The Most of Digital Signage Possibilities

Maximizing the communication possibilities within your church or religious setting

If one of the key aims of any church is to 'spread the message' then how it is best communicated is of high importance. In an increasingly technical world, both how that message, or simple yet important information, is spread, has become ever-more vital.

Our truDigital signage team already know of many religious bodies who have embraced this thought and made effective use of cloud-based and agile digital signage opportunities. We've found there are often a trio of key reasons why this has happened...

Effectively Reaching All Ages Of The Modern World

It's a fallacy that only young people, who ministries are so eager to reach out to, are tech-savvy - but it's also true that they are. Equally, across the age groups, new technology is being actively and enthusiastically used. So, digital signage reaches many, and in a way that they appreciate.

It also fits in with a progressive attitude taken by many churches, as they reach out into their community, both to and beyond their current congregation, through engaging websites and social media communications.

Our truDigital team also fully appreciates the importance of using technology in a way that fits in with the aesthetics of the buildings themselves. We know it often needs to be both highly-visible and non-intrusive, and to be welcomed as a benefit by each congregation.

Maximizing The Communication Possibilities

There are a variety of locations, both within the building, and perhaps across the community, where a series of digital signage screens can offer a powerful presence and provide vital information. Compared to the time-consuming printing and distribution of noticeboard signs, bulletins or newsletters, and the like - content-rich digital signage is easy to edit and can be altered, across a single or series of screens, in an instant where the information has changed.

As well as providing information, it can also build engagement throughout the service itself. Digital signage screens can add to sermons or readings by highlighting the relevant verses, quotations, or themes. Even hymn lyrics can be shown!

Reaching out into - and supporting - a local community

Churches can use digital signage to promote good news about their community. They can recognize and celebrate the success of key figures or groups within it. Charitable and non-profit organizations and events can be promoted; and church donors can be thanked. The promotion of member-owned or church-supporting businesses can also take place.

Grasping The Opportunities

Swiftly and constantly providing increased levels of information; reaching out to all parts of the community; adding to the flow and involvement of church services; all can be achieved through the use of fluid, cost-effective, time-saving, lively and motivating digital signage.

To discuss how your ministry might best grasp such opportunities, please contact our truDigital signage team, based here in Sandy, Utah, on 801-852-9898. Thank you.

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