Improving Your Digital Signage Strategy for 2019 and Beyond

Tips to audit your digital signage content and delivery for maximum effectiveness.

Digital signage is an increasingly powerful communication tool. The finest hardware is only truly effective when matched with powerful, persuasive, and well-managed content. Now, legendary columnist Ann Landers once noted that: ‘Nobody gets to live life backward’. But our truDigital signage team fully appreciates that, as with any other key business action, learning from the past is vital to help improve future performance.

Carefully assessing past performance

Just as those working for any company or organization are likely to have their performance analyzed on an annual basis, it also pays to use the same rigor to audit your digital signage content and delivery. Here are three questions which can help define this performance:

• What measures should be used to define successful digital signage ROI performance?

• How did we put such measures into place?

• How effectively did we use them to accurately assess our digital signage campaigns?

After answering these questions, considering the past year against your key criteria allows you to build a picture just as clear as you would want your digital signage to be! Such actions can help assess whether your campaigns were more or less effective at different times throughout the year.

You can also consider whether certain locations gained a greater or more timely response. Having an agile cloud-based content delivery system can allow you to use alternate messages in different locations to check and clarify this. Participation in promoted events, levels of response to calls to action, or search visits to specifically-promoted webpage links, can all provide valuable evidence. Take time to assess how others, whether your direct competitors or not, make use of their digital signage activities.

Assessing what happened, and why, allows you to move onto the next stage brimming with knowledge and high in confidence. Of course, such assessments can be carried out more frequently than once a year. Up-to-date feedback is especially valuable in such a fast-changing and communication-fluid world.

Building your future digital signage strategy

From fine-tuning to major changes, the past provides starting point evidence for future improvements, helping you to build business momentum and strengthen that vital relationship with your audience. Every business or organization, and their needs, are different, but actions might include:

• Upgrading screens, adding new locations, or amending current positioning

• Refreshing your content and redesigning how it’s presented

• Using, and measuring, longtail campaigns to help target a niche demographic

• Refreshing or expanding the training you provide for your digital signage team

How can truDigital help you develop that strategy?

With regard to the final point above, we know just how important this is. This is why our truDigital signage team here in Sandy, Utah is committed to providing our clients with unlimited training; helping to increase knowledge, improve skills, and avoid the possibility of any inadvertent staleness creeping into their work.

The second half of the Ann Landers quote we mentioned earlier tells us to: ‘Look ahead, that is where your future lies’. If you feel we could work together to deliver the digital signage future you truly need, please call us on 1-801-852-9898 for an in-depth discussion, obligation-free.

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