Increasing Engagement With Digital Signage

Consumers and young shoppers incorporate some digital technology in researching, comparing, and getting necessary feedback on products before making a purchase.

Increasing Your Engagement with Digital Signage

Lately, Digital out-of-home (DOOH) signage has hit a boom, and by 2020, the digital signage industry is forecast to generate up to 15 billion dollars. According to recent studies, the retail experience between the ages of 16 and 24 is witnessing a rapid change.  As a small or large retailer, your single choice of adopting digital signage, especially with truDigital can launch your business as firmly as possible into a digital world that is continually evolving and increasing.

These days, a large number of consumers and young shoppers incorporate some digital technology in researching, comparing, and getting necessary feedback on products before making a purchase. Not only that, this generation highlights how much people of all ages do with their mobile phones in the process of shopping. Now think about how much benefit you stand to gain if an engagement as interesting as such were reversed, that is from the outside to inside.

With truDigital, the following are ways to make sure your customers are better engaged:

Point-of-Purchase Advertising

According to SalonSense Media’s post on June 11, more than 60 percent of buying decisions are made just at the point of purchase while almost 30 percent of customers are interested in digital signage, and show a deal of influence in buying a product or service. Just like a print ad, online banner ad or pre-roll video ad, you can make digital signage your business’s point of advertising for every product and service you offer. Digital signage is flexible enough to change messages when you want and lets you promote sales and loyalty programs to keep your customers abreast of what your business offers per time. Hence, you do have to exploit these impressions and reach out to your customers when they visit your store. On the other hand, by simply selling ad space to third parties, partners, and other affiliates, you can leverage your digital signage’s reach. This will ensure an added revenue stream and in turn, increase your ROI on display signage.

The Interactivity Investment

Thanks to the evolution of the digital space and its accompanying technology, it has become expedient for retail stores to stay up-to-date with their advances as well as increase as much as possible, the retail shopping experience. One of the best ways to do that is to offer an interactive digital signage in-store with truDigital.

Customers are connected with your brand when you let them see products in a virtual display, research and compare the products they want to purchase. It as well creates an experience that keeps them coming back. Also, you can tweak your digital display a bit by personalizing and making use of the information at hand which is guaranteed to increase consumers’ engagement when you give them exactly what they want. They, in turn, are left with a feeling of being recognized.

Another option you have is the Entertainment as Engagement way in which you have to ensure the content on your digital signage are informative and entertaining to drive and enhance engagement. Be witty, fun and get your brand’s voice incorporated!

The point is, as important as digital signage is, it is in fact largely a worthwhile investment for retailers and business owners. Increase your technological investment in digital signage today with truDigital.

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