Integrations: Adding Refreshing Interest to Your Digital Signage

How Integrations deliver amazing content with little time and effort.

'Like a splash of ice-cold water in your face on a steamy, drowsy day'. This was how we recently heard the effective use of integrations being enthusiastically described. In other words, something that reawakens the senses and brings the world back into focus. So, let's look at integrations; what they are and how they can add attention-grabbing impact to your digital signage...

What exactly are integrations?

Here at truDigital, it's a question we're frequently asked. If you look for 'integration' in a thesaurus, many of the alternatives offered do help complete the description. Here are just five: incorporation, unification, assimilation, combination, fusion. All suggest the bringing together of information; but integrations take this much further by automatically enabling the dissemination of such content, in this case across your digital signage.

What you can gain from using integrations

We'll be more specific shortly, but in general terms, using integrations, together with agile, cloud-based software, allows you to deliver to-the-point messages and information. Changes can be virtually instant, content is kept in-the-moment rather than falling out-of-date. You can add greater variety to your on-screen messages, making both internal and external audiences seek out your digital signage for what it can offer them as they go about their busy lives.

Examples of integrations in action

Presenting its public face, integrations into your digital signage content can deliver live weather forecasts and traffic conditions for your local area, highlight up-coming local events, offer live stock quotes, and provide live video streams. They might highlight user reviews, offer slideshows of news stories, tie in with key social media deliverers, and show HTML5 web pages. Tweets and hashtags can draw attention to specific products, services or offers. All this adds vibrancy to your own specific content.

On the in-house side, integrations can pull in key content and swiftly deliver pertinent company information in so many ways, while using just a tiny fraction of the staff hours that traditional information-gathering and display activities would consume. Valuable integrations can include: live calendar updates, production metrics, key documents, data charts, spreadsheets, and presentation slides.

Productivity can be enhanced with visualized workflow and processes data. The status and progress of current projects can be highlighted. You can even flash up motivational quotes, show sales team rankings or business performance in real-time, and even use integrations to deliver live event feeds.

Integrations: delivering amazing content with so little time and effort

For some of the examples just mentioned, imagine always having to collate and then present such content yourselves. Simply not possible, even when using agile cloud-based delivery processes.

The beauty of integrations is in their automated content delivery. Once in place, they deliver valuable, interesting or entertaining updates in the blink of an eye. These are designed to catch the eye and interest of a passing or captive audience; thus increasing their exposure to all the other digital signage screen content you want them to notice!

How would you like to be integrated?

To ask any questions, or discuss key integration possibilities for your digital signage, please call 1-801-852-9898. Our truDigital signage team will offer obligation-free advice about the wide range of choices; you decide how best to make the most of the many integration possibilities for your business or organization...

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