Is your digital signage getting ignored?

We live in a highly competitive world, your signage needs to stand out.

We live in a highly competitive world, a place where every organization is on a continuous quest to dish out the best offerings in their field. Let’s face it, you’re in business to make profit and gain your customers trust while adding value to your organization.

So in order to accomplish this task, you adopted the use of digital signage. However, you realize that despite the time spent in putting up this means of advertising, your customers still aren’t paying attention to your signage. You begin to wonder where you’ve gone wrong!

Now that’s a problem, and that is why you can benefit from truDigital.

The three points below encapsulate why you might not be getting the most out of your digital signage.

  • Lack of Engagement   
  • Relevance
  • Boring content 

Lack of Engagement

Let’s talk about engaging your potential consumers. Honestly, some signage lacks user engagement. Your digital signage should advertise your services or products. However, engagement is where deeper communication takes place.

For instance, to engage viewers, think about encouraging your potential customers to like your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page. Share with them what you’re doing on social media and invite them to participate.


No one likes irrelevant content. So be sure to display content your audience would actually benefit from seeing. Think about what their needs are and the type of content that would help them the most.

Be sure to research the type of content that suits your audience and the best location. Think about the demographic of your audience and cater material to suit their style and preferences.

Boring Content

To spark up the interest, build trust, and increase sales, you need to select content that appeals to the eyes and minds of the viewer. Boring content will reduce the interest of your consumers or potential client.

Which would you choose? A bright, engaging message or one with dull colors and poor fonts. In a world full of so many distractions, catching the attention of your audience should never be neglected. This will enable proper engagement of your consumers.

Do you need professional advice on rebranding your company’s digital signage? If so, truDigital is committed to helping you deploy the appropriate digital signage that will meet the needs of your business.


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