Making Absolutely the Most of Digital Signage Opportunities Within the Constraints of Your Budget

How to get "more bang for your buck" with digital signage.

Whether you have a single location and a limited number of screens, or a state or nationwide operation with a large number, our truDigital signage team always appreciates that, with the hardware in place, you’ll surely be working from a budget. As the famous saying, which originated way back in the fifties, goes, you should always aim for ‘more bang for your buck’! So here we are focusing on in-house created content, and how to make it vibrant, relevant and timely.

Making the most of your in-house expertise

As well as a specific creative team, if one is in place, or making the most of any creative talents you have identified, the more your own people are involved in what appears on-screen, the more they feel involved. Appointing a digital champion (or one for each different location) is a step taken by many; you might also encourage everyone to feel themselves to be in this role. There are so many ways this can prove to be of value:

• If you have multi-location signage, local managers and employees can keep you in the loop with any content that is not relevant to their specific area

• Employees can also flag-up when any information contained is out-of-date, or doesn’t reflect changes in conditions or company policy

• Invite ideas for both the content that should be presented and how best to achieve this. Encouraging such creativity (perhaps with the offer of rewards) again involves the maximum number of employees

• Reassess what worked in the past – even if you were then using different, perhaps more traditional and less flexible promotional mediums. Analyze how such ideas might be adapted for your more agile digital signage world; consider also anything learned from past switches to other modern mediums such as DTP or social media

Making the most of truDigital signage opportunities

Our team appreciates that our clients want to make the most of a cloud-based and truly agile content creation and delivery system. From their experiences, and our close partnerships that help them to achieve this, some key ways are:

• Using superbly designed templates, fluid themes, and screen layouts, to offer an aesthetically pleasing playback experience to those viewing your screens

• Incorporating and using your favored data sources and apps - ones both accepted and expected by your customers. These might include Facebook, Instagram, or Dropbox, Google Reviews, Live Weather, Traffic Conditions, Reddit, Pinterest, LinkedIn Slideshare and so many more

• Enabling automated publishing processes to drive pre-scheduled content to the screens where you wish it to be visible

This combination of speed and fluidity is certainly hugely different from those days when notice board messages, promotional posters, flyers and the like had to be printed, packaged, dispatched, placed, and then removed in a timely fashion! When time is money, agility is the answer. A truDigital signage package offers a truly simple set-up process, matched with an equally easy-to-use interface. The processes and features mentioned above also help free up the time of those responsible for crafting and delivering your carefully focused and truly engaging original content.

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