Maximizing Employee Engagement with Your Digital Signage Activities

Ideas and tips for improving employee engagment with digital signage.

Too often, businesses can simply think about their digital signage activities in terms of the creative work carried out and the systems used to control content dispersal - their eyes 'on the screen' and their heads 'in the cloud' as it were. Beyond that, it can simply be seen as a customer-facing tool.

Our truDigital team is passionately engaged in the work that we do; because that's how we encourage each other to feel. Yet Gallup has found that almost nine out of ten employees worldwide (and more than two thirds in the US) don't feel this way. Another of their findings is that those companies who do have highly engaged staff have outperformed peers by 147% earnings per share! A further discovery was that millennials are the least-engaged workplace sector.

A quirky way to benefit from employee - and public - engagement with your digital signage

Boots on the ground! Or, more accurately, for locally-based activities, using their eyes as they move around in your marketplace. They can also encourage family and friends to report back with both positive comments on your digital signage positioning, content and use, as well as suggestions for improvement. The quirky way? Use your social media to run a fun competition to invite people to submit selfies of themselves beside an example of your digital signage. In other words, using anything that increases involvement with the work you do and provides feedback and increases interest.

What have we found to be the benefits of employee engagement?

The members of our truDigital signage team, based here in Salt Lake City, will tell you they feel more productive, matched with a higher level of commitment to our company, its aims and ethos. Such attitudes always tend to develop both collaborative and innovative behaviors. While we call ourselves a team, honestly, there's more a sense of community to our workplace. Have you guessed we're quite passionate about this?

We also know the downside when such elements are lacking. Employees quickly recognise when this is their work situation, employers do know how damaging demotivation can be to the bottom line. That's why we work so hard to avoid such situations. It's a sobering thought that only around one in ten people in the workplace say they change jobs purely for better financial prospects.

The other side of digital signage and increased employee engagement

Some companies have already recognised this as a powerful use for their digital signage, especially when individual staff member contact is not simple to achieve. An example: an organisation working across multi-sites and with high employee numbers can deliver content to thank their staff for actions taken, provide good news of achievements made or awards won.

Such messages can be displayed company-wide or targeted to specific sites, teams, or even offer cheers for individual successes. They could also be used to run competitions, ask for and gain suggestions, provide timely information, update progress towards targets - and all in real time or on a repeated loop to ensure all shift staff have chances to see such messages.

Ready to engage in such actions?

Integrated and responsive cloud-based digital signage activities can help deliver that kind of workforce. Our team is ready to discuss how this could work for your organization. Simply call us on 1-801-852-9898 to start an obligation-free conversation.

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