Reaching Three Important Digital Signage Decisions

With content decided, there are three vital steps to cover for successful digital signage use.

Decades ago, people used to wear sandwich boards to parade up and down outside a business to promote it, or encourage passing trade to enter the premises. It would have been crazy for those boards to contain no message! Yet, it's not unknown for companies to be excited simply by the concept of digital signage; an example of technology for its own sake. Here at truDigital, we know that the 'content is king' - a phrase coined by Bill Gates close to a quarter of a century ago. The digital signage itself then becomes the superb delivery method.

With the content decided, there are three vital steps to cover for successful digital signage use. Let's look at each...

Step One: Decide on the content presentation

Like any type of promotion, your use of digital signage should achieve the objectives you have set for it, by both informing and engaging, in a meaningful way - and do so quickly. This also means that simplicity is so often the key. If, in a restaurant, you simply want to enjoy a well-cooked steak, how frustrating can it be when it's served smothered in so many sauces and garnishes that you can hardly even see it on the plate! Colors, fonts, images, motion and other devices should only be used to clarify or emphasize your key message. All this is also dependent on your size and framing options - from large outdoor displays usually viewed from a distance to more intimate screens providing guidance, such as directional information for a conference, or delivering key retail product details.

Step Two: Select effective and functional placement and positioning

To achieve this, it pays to analyze and assess customer or user flow, and then maximize visibility and, where possible, viewing time. The aim is to make access to your digital signage, and understanding of it, as easy as possible, both physically and mentally. This can also affect content decisions; a screen placed in a seated waiting area has more time for individuals to absorb a higher level of information than those quickly passing by in a busy corridor.

Step Three: Maximise use of cloud-based digital signage management

We know that users of our truDigital platform find its agility and flexibility a key benefit, as well as cost-effective, by leaving us to provide the server facility. It allows instant management of multiple screens in any number of locations. The flexibility to amend content for precise placements, or changing situations, allows your digital signage to be of the moment; most other similar forms of promotion or information can seem almost prehistoric in comparison!

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