Retail Advertising: Print Paralysis or Digital Dynamism?

Why a swiftly changeable digital system became king of the promotional hill.

There was a time, not so long ago, even as radio and TV extended their impact, when print advertising was clearly the king of the promotional hill. Not any more; as an example, in the first dozen years of this century, the percentage of US households receiving a daily or Sunday newspaper declined from over half to around a third.

As we move forward, fluid and agile advertising become more of the norm - hence the title of this blog. So, let's look at the key options presented in the title...

Print Paralysis

This describes the face that print advertising presents to its audience. Once created, it can't be changed (unless it's completely redone). This doesn't allow for stock movements, or permit any level of instant responsiveness to events; or for errors or typos spotted too late to be quickly corrected.

Add to this the lead-in times and substantial costs for both the creation and distribution of any types of printed advertising materials; and for removal after their usefulness is complete (how often do you notice long out-of-date posters, flyers and the such). It's also true that print advertising is often a very passive way of trying to reach an active audience.

Digital Dynamism

Whether using a series of screens in and around a single retail store or for a multi-location operation, digital signage offers an agile and fluid way of delivering in-the-moment advertising content. These messages can be specific to the day of the week or the time of day; or reflect a very intimate, individual, point-of-sale location. Branding can be specifically tied to that single location, and can reflect local conditions, or even attitudes and behaviors, and can be accessible for multi-lingual audiences.

The alive and animated video imagery and point-enhancing graphics provide vibrant advertising possibilities specifically designed to help motivate those viewing it into immediate action. Digital signage's sense of motion can attract the eye of those who might otherwise pass a billboard without even noticing it.

Products come to life, wayfinding inside stores or retail markets is enhanced, special offers can be quickly added or removed as circumstances dictate.

After set-up, the on-going cost-effectiveness, compared to those endlessly recurring print charges, is another strong weight tipping the scales in digital signage's favor.

How can truDigital bring digital dynamism to your retail business?

Thomas Edison once said that 'There's a way to do it better - find it'. Our truDigital signage team passionately believe that this is the way: an agile, cloud-based, content delivery system. This turns advertising from a never-ending print paralysis into a system more swiftly changeable, yet as dramatically attention-grabbing, as the climate high in our Utah mountains!

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