Retail Digital Signage Is Key In The New Normal

There is no doubt that the aftermath of the pandemic we'll see changes to retailing, some of which are already taking place. Learn how you can prepare for the new normal with Digital Signage.

There is no doubt that the aftermath of the pandemic we'll see changes to retailing, some of which are already taking place. Where people would have, without thinking, used touch screens and kiosks to place orders before; many will be reluctant to do so now. Many are likely to make purchases using their own mobile devices and might prefer curbside pick-up to even entering a store. For some locations, drive-thru options are also likely to prove popular.

Providing vital information for in-charge customers

Our truDigital team are increasingly talking with clients about retail digital signage, providing a fluid and vital information interface with customers in such circumstances. For example, for designated 'wait and collect' areas, individual order numbers can be displayed on-screen with updates on waiting times. This is likely to be a growing trend as customers will increasingly expect to manage their own shopping and purchasing activities.

This is just one way that retail digital signage can adapt to the new normal. Let's investigate some others...

Expanding the use of retail digital signage

The pressure on retailers to innovate is ceaseless as customers expect a fluid buying experience, swiftly tailored to changed circumstances. Digital signage can help deliver a smooth in-store purchasing experience (and one in two have said that digital signage influences their purchasing actions).

Take mobile ordering - mentioned briefly at the start of this blog. This has become a 'line-busting' experience. The traditional Point of Sale location is by-passed in a journey straight to a designated Pick-Up point. With orders and payment remotely secured in this way, retailers are investigating how this can help deliver a higher throughput of customers, with reduced in-store congestion providing a more acceptable shopping experience, even after the pandemic has finally left us or been brought under control.

Modern retail digital signage, much more sophisticated now than in earlier times when often simply playing video on a loop, can help individual customers complete their journey. It can highlight specific points of interest, influence purchasing considerations, make timed special offers, provide location advice, and much more.

Retail digital signage and your new normal

Powerful use of fluid, cloud-based digital signage can swiftly inform, engage with, and encourage your public, motivate customers into action, and inspire confidence in your commitment to being front and center of a new retail experience.

Our truDigital signage team are eager to talk about the possibilities. Call us now on 1-801-852-9898 for an obligation-free discussion about how your retail business can be a key part of the new normal...

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