Sound Advice and Visionary Ideas for Your Digital Signage

Delivering a skilled combination of sight messages, with added sound where appropriate, can produce more immersive messages that reach larger audiences.

Two phrases you'll hear on a regular basis: 'I hear what you are saying' and 'I see what you mean'. Both sub-consciously indicate a preference for visual or auditory communication. It's reckoned that around 80% of the information we receive is through our sense of sight.

Our truDigital signage team knows how effective such visual messages can prove to be. But, are we neglecting the extra benefits to be gained from achieving auditory responses? Delivering a skilled combination of sight messages, with added sound where appropriate, through a fluid cloud-based system, can produce more immersive messages, touching larger audiences.

Creating effective visual messages

People respond well to information they wish to know. Updated traffic news, weather, special offers in-store, quick location finders, guides to key events, are all examples of this. However, the visual aspects of such messages have first to attract attention. In achieving this, size can be a factor; but another key is movement to attract the eye.

This might simply be a scrolling message, highlighting a series of key information points at around 7-10 seconds for each screen. Equally though, there is a chance to add engaging movement to catch the eye. This might be a single, moving element within an otherwise still image. There are many other examples, including a cartoon character demonstrating a product, the various parts of a recognizable logo coming together, or a series of identifiable landmarks for a vacation destination. The movements of a stylish dancer would also attract the eye to highlight an upcoming performance.

Whatever imagery you choose, it should aim to tell the majority of the story by conveying as much of the vital content as is feasible. Simplicity of content delivery should also be an enduring key. With digital signage, you often have only moments to attract attention. An excess of information, even across a cycle of screenshots, can ask too much of a hurried passing audience. A simpler message, attached to a clear call to action, is often more engaging.

Creating effective audio messages

While we know that sight is the major trigger, imagine a screen with someone delivering a video testimonial or recommendation. Yet, what they say is only available through printed speech bubbles. How much more effective would their actual voice be? Of course, the environment where your digital signage is displayed will sometimes temper the effectiveness of sound. There can be a surfeit of extraneous noise which would simply drown it out. Equally, in a medical environment or library, the public might simply find it intrusive.

However, should your digital signage be aimed at a multi-lingual audience, then greetings in each language could hit the mark. If you are streaming a news broadcast, then sound would be expected. Seasonal effects, such as Santa ho-ho-hoing or kids splashing in a vacation pool, can also have their place.

It's also possible that sound would only be appropriate for part of the message, or as a momentary attention-gainer. Here, standard sound effects included in video presentations, such as cheering crowds, crashing waves, a sizzling steak, corks popping in celebration, a dog barking, even a telephone ringtone, can attract positive attention.

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