The Benefits of Digital Signage in the Manufacturing Industry

The implementation of truDigital can be an extreme advantage when running and operating any manufacturing or production facility.

The manufacturing industry is one of the key areas that has benefited from adopting digital signage. truDigital specializes in helping manufacturing and production organizations increase their efficiencies through enhanced communication. By simply installing a truDigital sign player into a digital display (such as an existing TV screen), your company can quickly share an endless amount of custom content and information with your employees and customers. Plus, it’s all controllable from anywhere with internet access with our cloud-based software. So take a minute and check out some of the other key advantages that truDigital offers to manufacturers below.

Increased Efficiency

Streamlining communication between departments

Sharing human resource updates, safety policies, and other company announcements with your workforce is critical to streamlining communication within your company. Many employees in manufacturing are not in front of a desk or computer during the day, so they can easily miss email communications and other notices. truDigital can help you communicate this important information to your employees in a creative and engaging way, ensuring all your departments and teams are in the know.

Easy access to important information

Visualizing real-time metrics and KPIs is also easy with truDigital. With integrations for tools like Power BI and Domo, our platform allows you to share relevant dashboards with all your teams across the company. And if your goal tracking needs are more custom, updating your own numbers is easy with truDigital’s software.

More efficient training for employees

truDigital can help promote a LEAN workplace by improving efficiencies in the manufacturing environment. Production management information, such as workflows, processes, or inventory levels, can be shared in real-time, keeping employees focused on their goals. Welcoming new team members or visitors is also easy with pre-built design templates right in the software.

Improved Safety

Simpler way to display safety messages

The National Council on Compensation Insurance reported that the average total direct cost of a workplace injury claim is $40,000. When considering additional, indirect costs such as work stoppage, administrative support, and increased premiums, that number can jump up to as high as $120,000 per injury! By making safety notices and messages a focus of your operation, you can greatly minimize the risk of your people getting hurt.

Ability to quickly update safety information

Re-printing flyers, updating bulletin boards, and other archaic ways of sharing information are a thing of the past with truDigital. In just minutes, you can be sharing real-time safety information with your teams across your digital displays. Managing a variety of messages across multiple facilities and offices has never been easier.‍

Increased visibility of safety notices

There’s no question that digital displays get more attention versus other traditional methods of communication. Research has shown that digital displays capture 400% more views than static displays. Safety notices and reminders regarding safety gear, equipment use, and break times, can help keep employees stay at the top of their game.

Cost Savings

Lower printing costs

One of the main reasons for adopting a digital signage platform like truDigital is not only for the time savings, but for the reduction of hard costs. Printed materials, shipping, and distribution costs can quickly add up. truDigital erases all those needs, allowing your company to quickly update your digital displays from anywhere with internet access. And thanks to the low adoption costs of truDigital and TV screens, you’ll be saving money in no time.

Decreased need for manual signage updates

Communicating with multiple shifts can be a big issue for manufacturing companies. Not to mention other communication obstacles such as language barriers, absenteeism, and turnover. Keeping your signage up to date is critical; and with truDigital, it doesn’t become a full-time job.

Lower energy costs

Many companies have the goal of becoming more digital and paperless to not only improve business performance, but to also benefit the environment. Forbes recently reported that businesses in the United States waste $8 billion on managing paper each year! truDigital can help ensure your company is adopting sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, reducing energy costs for both itself and the world around us.

The implementation of truDigital can be an extreme advantage when running and operating any manufacturing or production facility. From reducing workplace injuries to recognizing outstanding employees, our class-leading digital signage platform can help you save time, reduce costs, and streamline communication within your business.

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