The Instant and Enduring Value of Digital Signage in Factory Locations

5 possibilities for maximizing digital signage value in a production environment.

Whether operating in a single manufacturing location or as a national or international operation across multiple sites, keeping a large factory floor workforce informed, involved, and engaged is hugely important. Our truDigital signage team appreciates that communicating swiftly and effectively with hundreds or thousands of employees might not seem a simple task.

For office-based operations, an email can reach everyone's screen instantly; on a factory floor such a solution is simply not deliverable. Computer access is probably limited, traditional noticeboards are often ignored. Regular team briefings, valuable when used infrequently, if needed on a regular basis, can take costly time away from the production line.

Delivering an agile and vibrant alternative

Making use of large digital signage, carefully positioned and regularly updated, helps build employee involvement, and provides vital and timely information covering key areas such as current production activity, safety and environmental concerns, as well as company news and other valuable information.

Regular updates build employee involvement, replacing a walk straight past those old-style noticeboards with a habit of frequent glances at changing screens. These can be placed on the shop floor, beside time clocks, and at other key locations such as outside rest or break rooms and inside building entrances.

5 possibilities for maximizing digital signage value in a production environment

Using a cloud-based content system, digital signage offers a swift and agile method of updating key information, whether in a single factory or across multiple locations and production lines. Here are five key ways operations are already making the most of digital signage possibilities…

• Delivering Key Performance Indicators information – members of the workforce have instant access to large screens displaying ongoing targets and current progress, comparisons between current and past performance, or time remaining for specific project completion.

• Highlighting the importance of safety – a simple example is a screen that boldly highlights the number of consecutive injury or incident-free days. This can also be used to offer good practice reminders and updates on any safety protocols or maintenance, and other drills or activities currently being undertaken.

• Builds involvement and motivation – the KPI information itself can help maintain or increase motivation as individuals and teams see their goals being neared and then reached or exceeded. This can be added to by building in competitive elements, for example by offering up-to-the-minute comparisons where several teams are involved in delivering the same finished product. The digital signage screen can become a scoreboard, aiding the natural competitiveness of the human spirit!

• Highlight incentives and achievements – digital screens can deliver vibrant workforce involvement possibilities. These could include offering prizes for achievement, highlighting employees of the week or month, delivering good news about contracts signed or orders gained, or giving prominence to educational or other achievements by individuals. All of these options can help build a sense of team involvement, whether across a single factory floor or multiple manufacturing locations.

• Delivering other useful information – digital signage can advise the workforce when key visitors might be touring their workplace, or when inspections are being undertaken. Other helpful information can also be quickly provided, such as any traffic or transport problems in the local area for those heading home after their shift.

What could effective digital signage bring to your factory location or production lines?

The above are examples of the benefits to be gained from strategically placed screens using agile, cloud-based digital signage content. Our truDigital signage team, based here in Sandy, Utah, appreciate that each location, and its needs, are different. So, to discuss yours, in an obligation-free conversation, please call us on 1-801-852-9898…

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