truDigital: As Agile and Responsive as Digital Signage Itself Should Be

Responding to ever-growing market demand, truDigital furthers commitment to constantly improve digital signage service and experience.

One of the major benefits of digital signage lies in its ability to be in-the-moment, delivering flexible and fluid content, always appealing directly to its target audience in key locations and at important moments. Our truDigital team, based here in Sandy, Utah, know the same sense of urgency and involvement is true of the way we provide our services.

How we benefit from customer feedback to deliver a more agile service

Since our founding, back in 2011, we have constantly sought, and acted upon, constructive feedback responses from our customers. Let's examine just five examples of this:

1. Some customers have mentioned that they would like a few more templates available. Our team works constantly on the delivery of exciting new templates - and in revamping older and highly popular ones - so that they appear fresh and appealing to the eyes of our customers' audiences.

2. Bill G, an Associate Director of Procurement and Contracts, complimented truDigital on helping him to easily: "build a robust program for multiple users". Our team commits to using top of the line hardware to ensure the reliability and functionality that such actions require.

3. Our team has the opportunity to work with all sizes of businesses and organizations and in a variety of manufacturing and service-providing industries. So, being described as a: "Great communication tool for our small office" is highly satisfying. Equally so is a response from Ron P, a Systems Administrator from an organization with multiple offices around the globe. He commented that: "The price factor and size makes this a good option for certain company needs".

4. An example of taking time to work with potential customers came from IT manager Tim M who noted that: "After sitting through a live demo with Jake from the truDigital sales team, I was able to make an educated decision". He also added that: "The required player hardware seems robust enough to handle just about anything I want to load it with..."

5. Finally, Larry I, the owner of a small marketing and advertising business, was kind enough to say that: "I need a solution that is reliable, intuitive, and worry free. truDigital has it all in one bag at a price I can afford".

Our team knows that delivering enduring value is what our customers should always expect. We match this with a complete commitment to customer service, as shown by our average 5/5 rating in this area across the reviews we receive.

If you'd like to examine these and more than 200 other reviews in detail, please visit the truDigital reviews on Capterra.

How truDigital is moving forward

We are delighted to have recently responded to ever-growing market demand, and to further our commitment to constantly improving the agile software we provide. To help achieve this, we have recently added two hugely talented and highly committed developers to our hard-working and stellar team.

We are also creating key partnerships, designed to provide additional and valuable integrations. A key example of this is a recent partnership with 'Energage', a company devoted to improving workplace culture.

To find out more about how our truDigital signage team can help your business communicate agilely and effectively with your customers, service users, and your own team, simply call us on 1-801-852-9898 for an obligation-free discussion...

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