Using Flexible Digital Signage to Influence Retail Store Customer Behaviors

in-store digital signage can greatly add to the shopping experience for real-life retailers and their patrons.

Here at truDigital, we appreciate that operating a brick and mortar retail store in an increasingly online and inter-connected world certainly brings its competitive frustrations – as well as its advantages! For your customers, such benefits can offer the chance to touch, feel, and hold products before purchase. Both buyer and seller can enjoy the personal contact and build a rapport; for retailers we know that this is another important step towards retaining loyal customers.

Using online tactics to engage in the actual world

Yet, in the field of swift information provision, where online can seem to hold the advantage, in-store digital signage can greatly add to the shopping experience for real-life retailers and their patrons. This can be achieved by using some of the information techniques already used online. Regularly updated, dynamic, and relevant content can be accessed right there, on the shelf, beside the product, at the point-of-decision.

Using digital signage, you can add key products points and benefits, even price comparisons, feedback and reviews. This is a terrific way to add some of the key elements so welcomed and used by internet shoppers; or to take customers through an immersive step-by-step buying process.

You also have the ability to highlight price saving offers and other enticements to buy. Using a cloud based digital signage system, content can be changed both frequently and swiftly. This can highlight short-time offers, update review and other content; whether for a single store or for a chain of outlets across a city, state - or even nationwide.

Other in-store signage can direct potential customers to where they want to be, as well as providing more general promotional content. Digital signage can also allow you to talk in broader terms about your company ethos and core values, as well as provide details of specific policies covering price matches, delivery options (if appropriate), guarantees offered, and your customer service or returns policy.

New products or even departments can be highlighted, encouraging 'come back and see us' previews of future promotions.

Increasing customer retention and sale conversion rates

Our truDigital signage team, based here in Sandy, Utah, know how much more cost-effective it is to retain a satisfied customer than to try to obtain a new one. The former can even use their social media activities to drive other potential customers through your doors by sharing their pleasures of that real-life shopping experience your team has provided.

Using fluid, pertinent and powerful content across all your digital signage is an excellent way to increase customer satisfaction. You can help them to avoid feelings of frustration at not finding what they want, when they want it, or not having the relevant information instantly to hand.

This is an accepted switch-off in both the physical and online shopping universes. In fact, with the latter, it can be a greater problem. Online you don’t have any physical evidence of their presence. At least in-store, staff members can notice a seemingly confused or just-wandering-around customer and spring into helpful action!

How can we help you influence your in-store retail audience at those vital moments?

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