Utilizing Digital Signage for Effective and Agile Workplace Communications

Use digital signage as an ever-changing in-house newsletter to inform and entertain.

It's not so many years ago that receiving an email was almost an event. Now, with so many flying around, a list of those waiting for your attention can hold as much interest as a long-used screensaver! With many people receiving a huge amount, from useless spam to vital information, it's little surprise that even that important in-house communication, perhaps concerning vital procedure changes - even health or safety warnings - can simply slip by among the melee, all trying to claim an individual's attention.

This can be costly, and even dangerous when those important messages simply reach the inbox but not the minds of those who really need to take the content on-board. Therefore, an alternative method of informing, one that draws attention to itself, is increasingly welcomed in many workplaces.

Delivering attention-grabbing in-house communications

With a cloud-based digital signage resource, whether for a single location or across a widespread group, concise message delivery can be impressively swift and immediately noted. Our truDigital signage specialists have realized a key benefit of using this communication tool. It's that those who need to be aware of it can actually interact, gaining a level of involvement, rather than simply being passive recipients. Let's highlight three key reasons for this...

1. Singularity of purpose

A world away from an endless list of inert emails waiting for (in)attention, an alive single digital sign draws the eye. This remains true even throughout a building where many such signs are deployed - each remains an individual entity. Therefore, this is a much more effective way of drawing the eye to a key information source.

2. Convenience of placement

Within your own business, you'll be able to identify key locations for your digital signage. Obvious examples are both external and internal entrance points, foyers, car parks, in-house lunchrooms, cafes, canteens or restaurants, or beside standard company notice boards, and those other places where attention will be gained.

3. Interactivity of content

As well as key messages regarding procedures, actions, and policies, signage can be the provider of other useful and interesting information. This delivers vital interactivity and encourages eyes regularly towards it. Messages could range from advisories of sudden traffic problems in the vicinity to a reminder of extra-curricular events or meetings. Staff could be invited to congratulate or thank colleagues. Depending on the location (whether in public or private view) and the ethos within your company, staff might also be encouraged to submit their own good news, and images, from family births to kids' educational or their own sporting achievements. Useful or fun quotations might occasionally appear. There are many such possibilities, each helping to turn the digital signage almost into an ever-changing in-house newsletter - but one that gains constant attention!

Crafting an in-house digital signage culture

By careful placement and intelligent and fluid use, thanks to the instant application of a cloud-based system for keeping content live and vibrant, a company can build a culture of reliance on their digital signage. This can be true for both important, formal information, and for finding out what the workforce's company is truly about, in terms of its behavior, ambiance, and attitude. Our truDigital signage team, here in Sandy, Utah, are already delivering such engaging results for many businesses and organizations. To discuss how such a system might be implemented for yours, please call us now on 1-801-852-9898 for an obligation-free discussion...

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