Video in Digital Signage Attracts All Audiences

The luxury of video on digital signage is similar to hosting your own television channel; the content options are endless.

Moving pictures have captivated audiences for more than a century. Animation and video bring a special level of entertainment that appeases all audience personas. Why? Watching a video requires minimal effort, and the information is easily absorbed and retained.

Video communications are a whopping 600-percent more effective than print and direct mail.¹ Viewers are accustomed to watching video through multiple mediums a day: TVs, computers, smartphones, mobile devices, etc. In fact, 60 percent of media viewers will watch a video before reading any text.¹

According to ReelSEO’s article, “2013 Video Marketing Survey & Business Video Trends Report,” 93 percent of marketers are using video in their campaigns, while 82 percent of them claim video has a positive impact on their business.¹ Luckily, advancements in technology have made it easy to bring this magical tool to your digital screens.

Video Relevance

The luxury of video on digital signage is similar to hosting your own television channel; the content options are endless. If you’re playing video to attract attention to your screens, make sure your content is relevant and appropriate. A veterinarian’s office isn’t likely to play celebrity gossip clips in the waiting room; instead they might opt for a video about proper ways to groom your pet.

The types of video used on digital signage should depend on sign location, audience and communication purposes. The lobby of a large business might opt to play a “welcome” video, while dentist offices or hair salons may play news clips. Internal, employee-facing signage minimizes training time by playing safety videos or training presentations, while trendy retail stores might play customer-created content or video promoting their upcoming specials.

Video Length

Shorter videos have a positive impact on viewers. Videos under one minute tend to have an 80-percent viewer retention up to the 30-second mark, while videos running at two-three minutes drop to a 60-percent retention rate.¹ So, stick to shorter videos to engage and create a positive impact on your viewers.

If you are creating the video in-house, be sure to display the most important information first — especially in high-traffic areas where viewers might only be able to catch the first clip of the video. Think of the beginning moments of the video as the prime time to communicate your message.

Video is one of the most effective ways to communicate complex information in a short time frame to all audiences. The motion graphics attract viewer attention, while the video content creates extended engagement


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